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Family comfort is an important part of our life. For every family member, proper rest and comfort are very essential. Hence, for proper relaxation, there are several types of mattresses for beds that are available in Dubai. Some of the top options include the following:


  1. Ortho Pro Spring Mattress- This is arguably the best mattress in UAE for those with spinal issues. This will keep spinal discomfort at bay with its specialized engineering. This aligns the spine to the natural state while sleeping. The feel is medium-firm, while there is a total adaptation to the spine with more support while sleeping. Breathability levels are high, and also there is triple-zone technology available. The mattress exudes an airy and fresh vibe and gets a zipped cover as well. It also has special anti-microbial technologies for keeping dust, mites, and germs away while keeping you free from any breathing trouble in the future.  There is also Air vent Impression as, a special technology which adapts neatly to the curves of your body, thereby ensuring greater relief from pain. This also helps in dissipating humidity and heat, thereby ensuring more breathability, as mentioned. The finest PU foam is used for better support, while there are zone pocket springs for the spinal alignment feature while adapting swiftly to various pressure points and curves. The corner foam wall ensures better support on corners, while the wave zoning design helps in differentiating support and firm zones in the mattress for ultra-comfort.
  2. Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress- This kind of mattress is also popular in the global market nowadays. This ensures better alignment of posture and freedom from niggling pain. The medium firm feels, and breathability levels make it a superior choice for most households. There is gel-infused foam along with a zipped cover to boot. This mattress also gets specialized anti-microbial technology for safeguarding people from breathing issues, dust mites, and other allergies. The Airvent Gel Impressions technology is used here for easy adaptation to body curves, thereby offering relief from pain and pressure points. The technology enables the swift dissipation of humidity and heat as well. Profiled PU foam also ensures better support for various body pressure points while boosting overall freshness and airflow alongside. The wave zoning design also helps in the demarcation of firm and support areas in the mattress while there is a fully hygienic and washable zipper cover alongside.
  3. Dual Pro Profiled Mattress- This kind of mattress helps in better relaxation of the muscles while ensuring superior ventilation at the same time. It also ensures a massage-like feel along with superior breathability alongside. The feel is firm and gentle with a dual surface, and it is completely reversible as well. The mattress comes with excellent breathability levels in tandem with a zipped cover as well. The air circulation levels are excellent too. The anti-microbial technology is used here as well for keeping dust and germs away. There is softer PU foam with profiled PU foam for more comfort. At the same time, aesthetics are kept intact with the dual-tone fabric. You also get demarcation with this, i.e. the dark tone indicates a firmer feel, while the lighter tone indicates a gentler feeling as well. This mattress ensures great back support while sleeping.


There are many mattresses crafted to ensure the finest comfort and quality above everything else. These are some of them. Quality sleep is essential, and you should thus invest in the best mattress in UAE that meets your needs to the fullest extent. Do not skimp on the mattress; rather, check out these innovative and rapidly emerging technologies that make sleep a better and more comfortable affair to say the least.


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