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Why is carbon filter so important?

Global warming is a major environmental concern. We need to be careful not to inhale pollutants that can cause health problems. Carbon filters are essential. Carbon can trap large quantities of pollutants on its surface. This helps reduce the number of contaminants reaching our lungs.

What are the Benefits of These Filters?

  • Carbon purifiers have one of the greatest benefits: it removes chemicals from the air we inhale. Carbon purifiers also have other great benefits. Activated carbon filters are highly effective in protecting people from harmful contaminants. They can even remove viruses and bacteria. Carbon purifiers can also purify the air up to three months if they are maintained properly. Although the long-term benefits of this method of filtration are still being fully understood, they are very impressive in their immediate effects.
  • Carbon filters also remove organic compounds from the air they filter. Many of us inhale a variety of organic compounds, natural and man-made. Even if we only inhale small amounts of these compounds we still are exposed. Organic compounds can attach to carbon filters' surfaces and bind to them, making it less effective in removing them.
  • Carbon filters can be used to reduce the amount and type of airborne contaminants, such as pollen, dust, and cigarette smoke, that settle on the surfaces of your air purifiers.



In What Situations Might This Filter Not Work?


  • Carbon filters might not be the best choice for you home. Although carbon-based filters can reduce or eliminate some pollutants, they are not effective at reducing others. Smog and industrial emissions are a source of many chemical toxins. It is necessary to use activated carbon to remove these contaminants from the air.
  • Activated carbon filters are not suitable for all pollutants. Some pollutants can be removed more effectively than others. A professional can help you decide which air filter is best for you.
  • The most common method to remove organic compounds from the air is mechanical methods such as carbon filters. Carbon filters can remove organic compounds in two ways. They either trap pollutants on the filter's surface or remove them through a process called “adsorption”. Experts recommend that carbon air filters are used to remove various pollutants from the air. However, they can remove some organic compounds.
  • Activated carbon air filters can remove gaseseous pollutants in two ways. The pores on the filter's surface trap the gaseous pollutants at the lower end of the filters. The second is that the gaseous pollutants are broken down in the pores and eventually are removed from the filter. Activated carbon filters can trap gaseous pollutants in the air at their lowest points. However, it is not known if these filters are able to remove them from their high points.


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