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Amethyst, Selenite, Lepidolite, Blue Calcite, and Howlite are some good picks for calming energies and controlling anxiety

Amethyst and Selenite are both high vibration crystals and considered master healers that are excellent for overall wellbeing and extremely good for crystal beginners. 

Lepidolite awakens the crown chakra, which helps create space for positive forces to enter your mind, keeping anxious thoughts away. Lepidolite contains natural lithium, which is an ingredient in some psychopharmacological medications used for anxiety

Blue calcite helps you remain calm and develop emotional intelligence, which can strengthen your self-trust and overcome personal struggles. 

Howlite works on the nerves and helps to calm them. It is wonderful to help with stress and anxiety disorders, allowing you to let go of the core reason for anxiety

What crystal will help if one is anxious about safety and wants to feel protected?

Tourmaline is a very protective and grounding stone, so if you are feeling jittery or unsafe this is a good stone to have. This stone is very powerful in protecting the user from negative energies at work and can be used in case of any workplace anxiety along with one of the crystals mentioned for anxiety.

Which crystal should one use if we are feeling anxious in social situations?

Tigers eye is a good crystal for the self-conscious. This tiger eye crystal works as your personal cheerleader by increasing self-confidence which helps to keep the anxiety at bay. Another crystal good for social anxiety is Apophyllite, also called the crystal of truth. This crystal can be helpful for extreme shyness or if you worry a lot about being judged by other people because of social anxiety and can be a reminder it is safe to show one’s true nature. 

Do I need to carry the crystals with me everywhere?

The usage of the crystal you choose to work with for your anxiety is dependent on the user. If you experience anxiety throughout the day then it is good to have it with you at all times – this will also work as a reminder that you are surrounded by the loving energies of the crystal. Wearing crystal jewelry is an easy way to carry them with you all the time. If mornings are the most anxious time, then you can spend time with the crystal for around fifteen minutes every morning while meditating and setting an intention for the day. 

If anxiety during the night time is troubling you then you can choose to sleep with the crystal near you or work with it for some time just before going to bed.

In case you are suffering from severe anxiety that needs medical attention and help from modern medicine, do consult a doctor. The crystals can be used and work in tandem with modern medical practices. Crystals cannot replace any medical advice.


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