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There are many reasons countries can be considered friendly to expatriates. The obvious reason is that locals are friendly to expatriates. But there are other factors.

Standard of living is an important factor. Some ex-pats will sacrifice a perfect job in their home country for a better work/life balance abroad. Good childcare is a top priority for families with children. Others cite economic stability as an important factor.

Your age is a factor in how fast you settle into a new country. So even though it might seem welcoming to retirees and Baby Boomers, it may be a little strange to Millennials.

The Most Friendly Country In Europe?

InterNations recently reported that Greece is one of the most friendly countries in Europe.

Portugal was the top-ranked country in Europe, with Greece being voted eighth most friendly. The list of the best countries in Europe to make friends was also ranked twelfth.

Taiwan was ranked number one on the international list of friendliest countries.

Mexico was number one for making new friends.

Austria was the least friendly country in the survey, while Sweden, Denmark, and Norway were the most conducive to friendship.

The friendly reputation of Greece among ex-pats and tourists is likely due to the longstanding Greek value for hospitality or “philoxenia”.

This means “friend of strangers” in Ancient Greek. It is still very popular in modern Greece.

Zeus, the Greek god Zeus, is sometimes also called “Zeus Xenios”, as he was also the protector of travelers and strangers. Zeus embodied the ancient Greek religious obligation of being hospitable to travelers.

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Friendliest Cities In Europe.

It is difficult to judge the friendliness of a city.

Travelers who have done some travel will know that you get out of cities what you put into them.

After a few days of adventure travel, are you feeling positive? You are likely to attract friendly, warm, and interesting people.

Did you miss your train due to an inconsiderate conductor? For being frustrated temporarily and disinterested in your destination, you will be forgiven.

Research and personal experience show that there are cities in Europe that are charming and friendly, with people who are kind and understanding of all circumstances.

These are just a few of them:

1. Gothenburg, Sweden.
2. Stockholm, Sweden.
3. Porto, Portugal.
4. Dublin, Ireland.
5. Berlin, Germany.
6. Oslo, Norway.
7.Copenhagen, Denmark.



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