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Which House Gives Success in Share Market

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The share market can take you from rags to riches and vice–versa. It depends on the planets and combinations in the birth chart whether you will earn through the share market. The Share market astrology is that branch of astrology that deals with the activities of the share market. You can determine whether your destiny supports speculation and other share market activities.

Consult an astrologer before investing in the share market

Share market, betting, lottery, and other speculation activities don't suit everyone. There are specific combinations for them in the birth chart, which makes a person excel in the share market. However, sometimes the negative dasha and transit result in huge losses despite having a combination of gains through the share market. So, when you see someone losing or winning huge amounts of money through the share market, don't judge his destiny. It may be temporary!

The Stock market astrology talks of certain combinations which can decide your luck in the stock market. Let's explore-

Important houses and planets for gains in the stock market

In finance astrology which covers the stock market, the signs falling at your horoscope's fifth, eighth and eleventh houses have a say in stock market dealings. The fifth house is the house of the stock market, eighth house shows sudden events, and the eleventh house shows gains and fulfillment of desires. The individual gains through stock market with strong planets in these houses.

Astrology says that a strong fifth house gives profits through the stock market, but we need to say which planet it is along with the lordship in the birth chart. If the fifth sign of the horoscope is weak then there is no contingent gain. In astrology, the planets Rahu, Venus, and Moon signify gains or losses in the stock market. If these planets, as the karaka of share market gains, cast their aspect at the fifth house, there are strong chances of earning through share market.

Much care needs to be taken while estimating trading as per birth chart, as the Rashi or zodiac sign in the fifth house will matter while analyzing the aspect of the karaka planets. For example, the results may not be positive if it is an enemy sign for the planet. The planets Jupiter and Mercury also affect the gains through stock market transactions. Strong Jupiter and Mercury in the birth chart give huge gains in the stock market. The presence of Jupiter in the fifth house is not that supportive as compared to its aspect.

In the share market, even the malefic planets give fruitful results. Rahu and Ketu can bring excellent gains. Strong Jupiter gives profits through the commodity market. If you have strong Mercury in the birth chart, you can succeed in stock analysis and become a share broker. Strong Rahu makes you the ace of the share market. 

In kundli analysis, it is crucial to understand various states like combustion, retrograde, and other measures of the strength of the planets. These various states bring various results to the native. An astrologer can predict the quantum of gains by estimating the strength of the planets. All individuals with Venus in fifth house don't make the same amount of gains, and it differs depending upon the strength and association of the planet Venus in the birth chart.

Can I get success in the share market as per my birth date?

Your birth date is everything to you! You may know about all quadrants of life through the birth chart, and the stock market is no different. After analyzing the factors mentioned above in your janam kundli, you will become sure to ascertain if I can get success in the share market as per the birth date.

Every individual has a unique placement of the planets, indicating different results. After the kundli analysis, it is possible to determine the possibility of success in the stock market.     

Here, if you have strong Mercury, then you can be a better stock consultant or financial advisor than gaining from the market for yourself. They can be great businessmen and accountants, they have a good understanding of financial matters, but they don't gain through investing in the stock market. 

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Remedies for success in the share market 

  •  Strong Rahu brings success through the share market, so one can chant the Rahu Beeja mantra- “Om Raan Raahwe Namah,” or perform Rahu shanti puja to get good results. 
  •  If it suits, one can wear Hessonite gemstone after consulting an astrologer.
  •  Green emerald also brings positive results for the share market. 
  •  Make small dough balls and feed fish on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This will pacify the malefic effects of the planet Ketu, and the person will succeed in business and the share market.

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