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Activated carbon is a traditional and modern man-made material, also known as activated carbon. Since its inception one hundred years ago, the application field of activated carbon has been expanding and the number of applications has been increasing. Purification of water with activated carbon filter material adsorption method is to use its porous solid surface to adsorb and remove organic or toxic substances in the water to purify the water.

Studies have shown that activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity for organics in the molecular weight range of 500-1000. honeycomb activated carbon supplier The adsorption of activated carbon on organic matter is affected by its pore size distribution and the characteristics of organic matter, mainly by the polarity and molecular size of the organic matter.

For the organic matter of the same size, the greater the solubility and the stronger the hydrophilicity, the poorer the adsorption of activated carbon to it. On the contrary, the less soluble, poorly hydrophilic, and weakly polar organic matter such as benzene compounds, phenolic compounds, etc. Strong adsorption capacity.

Water purification activated carbon is generally columnar particles, with large specific surface area, developed micropores, high mechanical strength, fast adsorption speed, high purification degree, not easy to depowder, and long service life.www.wyactivatedcarbon.com

Water purification activated carbon can be widely used in chemicals, electronics, medicine, printing and dyeing, food and domestic water, industrial water, solution filtration, adsorption purification, impurity removal, and can also be used for deep purification of industrial wastewater. It can effectively remove odor, chlorine, cyanide and various heavy metal ions and other harmful substances and decolorize.


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