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Which Infection Do I Have? COVID-19, The Flu, or The Common Cold?

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Patients may find it hard to distinguish between the flu, common cold, and COVID-19, as the symptoms are similar. If the patient does have flu-like symptoms, they should monitor their symptoms and utilize rapid test kits to test for COVID-19. If the symptoms do start to worsen, we'd recommend patients pay a trip to their local urgent care center for diagnosis and treatment. While there aren't any treatments that will cure COVID-19, the flu, or the common cold, certain medications can help manage your symptoms.

Differences Between the Common Cold and the Flu

The flu is caused by influenza and is highly contagious. While it can affect people regardless of age, it can be especially serious for young children, older adults, or people affected by certain health conditions. Patients will generally recover within a week, but it may take longer in severe cases and lead to flu complications like pneumonia. These symptoms can be deadly when left unchecked, so patients must seek help at an urgent care center near you should the symptoms persist.

Where Can I Get Urgent Care 77406 for COVID-19?

Are you in need of an urgent care clinic near you? Come to Sunrise Urgent Care Center. We provide patients with reliable diagnoses and treatments for their symptoms. Symptoms like fever, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, a runny nose, a sore throat, and body aches are shared by all three illnesses. If you have these symptoms and aren't recovering, it's best to come to an urgent clinic where a physician can better assist you.

Sunrise Urgent Care Center is your leading immediate care provider in Richmond, TX. We offer various services and can help diagnose and treat various illnesses. Visit our urgent care center whenever you feel poorly.



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