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Which Massage Is Best – Asian or Swedish?

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If you know a little about massages then you know that are two major varieties of massages available. One is Thai or Asian massage and the other one is the Swedish massage. Not only they have originated in two different regions, but they are also very different in terms of techniques, benefits, and methods of application.

Massage Tables is dedicated to making massages more adaptable, ergonomic and healthful for people. While providing heavy-duty feature-loaded tables, we also impart knowledge about the endless merits of this therapy. And in the same vein, here’s a piece that decodes the differentiation between the two major massages.

Asian Or Swedish: Which One Should Be Your Pick?

In order to choose the apt thing, you must how they both are executed and what their benefits are.

Asian Massage

Asian or Thai massage is more into acupuncture points and relaxing the muscles. It doesn’t include the use of oils and is done using elbows, hands, forearms, and fists. You don’t need to undress to get a Thai massage as it does not involve soft strokes or rubbing on the body.

During this massage, the masseuse stretches and moves your body in various positions. It focuses on enhancing the flow of energy in your body and is associated with spiritual beliefs too. The methods are invented as per the understanding of anatomy and physiology in Thailand.

Techniques used in Thai Massage:-






Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is also known as ‘lazy yoga massage’ as it does not require the patrons to move a muscle. This form of massage involves the usage of aromatic essential oils which are applied with smooth strokes using palms.

It requires you to be half-naked and lying on the table facing the ground. It mostly focuses on relaxing on body and mind.  It is done with rubbing techniques that bring calmness to your mind and help you fight stress as well.

Techniques used in Swedish Massage:-






Suitability of Asian Massage:-

  • It is apt for people who are looking for some physio treatment rather than a relaxing session.
  • It is apt for people who want to accelerate the energy levels in their bodies.
  • It is also appropriate for those who don’t want to undress in front of a stranger.
  • Perfect for people who don’t like oiled massages.

Suitability of Swedish Massage:-

  • It is apt for those who are looking for relaxation and a stress-buster.
  • It is apt for those who enjoy the pleasing aroma of essential oils
  • Also suited for people who don’t mind being half-naked
  • Since it is a gentler form of massage, it is perfect for people who don’t want to be tossed around or stepped on.

Both the massages have their benefits and are appropriate for people with different requirements. They both are widely available in all the massage businesses and can be done with finesse by professionals The techniques of both are taught to massage therapy trainees so you won’t have to go to different professionals or centres to get a particular one.

Massage Tables have been making this therapy more effective with cutting-edge tables. With our products, individuals, as well as facilities, can deliver a satisfactory experience to their clients. With us, you can be the most sought-after masseuse in your town.



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