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Ruby on Rails (RoR) and Java are two prevalent and powerful platforms that power the websites and applications of many of the biggest brands in the world. They’re particularly well-suited to building web applications because of their flexibility, power, and scalability. But what one should you choose when deciding between RoR and Java? Let’s look at both to determine which one is better suited to your project.

What is Ruby on Rails?

According to Wikipedia, Ruby on Rails (also known as RoR) is an open-source server-side web application framework written in Ruby. The framework is a model–view controller (MVC) architecture for developing web applications. What exactly does that mean? RoR helps you write less code that does more and can make complex tasks easier to do, even for a beginner.

What is Java?

More than 20 years old, Java is a platform-independent programming language that can be used to develop Web applications and desktop and mobile applications. It allows software developers to build programs (or apps) for PCs, servers, and smartphones by writing one set of code that runs on any operating system. (You don’t have to write multiple versions.) Thus, web app development services are more likely to use Java.

Pros and Cons of using Java and Ruby on Rails

There are many advantages to using either of these two powerful web app development platforms and some downsides. But ultimately, which one you choose will depend on your exact business requirements. Here’s a rundown of what they both offer and a comparison between them to help you decide which would be best for your particular web app development project

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Ruby on Rails vs. Java: Similarities and Dissimilarities

Web app development services have made it easier for businesses to expand and gain new customers, with quicker deployment times and a much lower price tag than creating their application. This has spurred many companies, including small startups or non-profits, to develop applications to get in on those benefits. When comparing web application development platforms such as Ruby on Rails vs. Java, it’s essential to understand what each platform is capable of.

Dissimilarities between Ruby on Rails and Java

While both can be used to create unique websites, they each have their specific pros and cons. It all depends on what your app is being used for and what features you need it to include. Most business owners will first ask whether they should hire web app developers specializing in developing a website using Ruby on Rails or those using Java technology. Depending on your needs, one could be a better option than another.

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