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Which Planet/House in Kundli is Seen for Spirituality

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We usually find very less information regarding the true purpose of life, i.e., spirituality, in the astrological texts. There used to be a mention of spirituality in the discourses delivered by the saints. But as far as astrological texts are concerned, they were written by the astrologers in the courts of the kings. Of course, they were keener in knowing materialistic aspect of life as per the choice of kings. Unfortunately, very less attention was paid to the ultimate purpose of life!

Some information is found in the form of astrological combinations in various astrological treaties but with very less logical explanations. These astrological texts don’t provide with any methodology through which it can be predicted whether a person will go above or down the present yoni (state) of birth. But curious and insatiable minds always find the way! Many good astrologers and scholars have given valuable information regarding the planets and houses responsible for taking an individual on a spiritual path.

Some exhaustive astrological marvels like Brihat Jataka deal with almost every aspect of predictive astrology. The ancient text was written by the maestro Varahamihir in the 6th century in Ujjain. He has discussed the combinations/possibilities of one becoming a saint or following the spiritual path in the chapter “pravajya yoga adhyaya” of the book. Almost every text has kept the combinations of spirituality secret or was perhaps given to the favorite disciples by their Gurus.

Spiritual astrology has been the most ignored, secretive, or submissive part of Vedic Astrology, which had only remained in traditions lacking massive presence.  Let’s explore the spiritual combinations as indicated by different planets/houses and yogas with the help of this write up-.

Some classical yogas for spiritualty as narrated by Varahmihira and sage Parashara

⮚      If any houses in birth chart contain four or more planets, this is a combination for renunciation or sanyasa yoga. However, certain conditions like any of these should not be combustible with the Sun or should not involve in planetary war. If it’s combust, then the native certainly has spiritual inclinations but doesn’t go for renunciation. Planetary war causes the person first to renounce the world and then come back to the materialistic world again.

⮚      Ketu, Jupiter and Saturn are the main planets to give spiritual tendencies in a person. Their association with the houses of dharma and moksha may drive a person towards sainthood while leaving everything behind.

⮚      If the 10th Lord of a birth chart joins 3 or more planets in any house of the horoscope then the person becomes a popular monk or guru. He gets lots of fame.

⮚      If the depositor of the Moon i.e., the Rashi lord of the Moon, is so placed that it doesn’t receive the aspect of any planet except Saturn and also casts its aspect on Saturn. Then also renunciation may take place due to this mutual aspect relation.

⮚      A weak moon placed in the dreshkana of Saturn while receiving the aspect from it may also motivate a person to take a spiritual path.

⮚      Moon in the navamsha rashi of Saturn and Mars while receiving the aspect of Saturn also causes renunciation.

⮚      In Pisces, Sagittarius and Cancer ascendant, if Jupiter is in the 9th house and Saturn is casting an aspect on the lagna, renunciation may occur. Also Saturn’s aspect on the Moon and Jupiter may cause renunciation under similar rising ascendants.

⮚      Saturn in the 9th house without any aspect or conjunction may make a person to take birth in an affluent family to become a saint later.

⮚      According to stree-jataka adhyay, if a malefic is placed in the 7th house of horoscope while there is one or more planets in the ninth house, the native either male or female may take sanyasa or abandon the materialistic world.

⮚      Apart from these classical yogas, jaimini sutram also suggests some astrological yogas as per the position of the planets from the karakamsha. The karakamsha is the navamsha position of the planet with highest degree in your birth chart. This is used to identify which deity you should worship to attain spiritual advancements in life. These yogas help to judge the spiritual inclinations of a native.

⮚      The panchmahapurush yoga also indicates spiritual interests of a person. It is formed when the five planets i.e. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are either placed in their own or exaltation sign in the Kendra or quadrant houses of the kundli.

⮚      Muni yoga is a rarely found yoga but whoever has it, is certain to lose interest in the materialistic world to follow the path of renunciation. For Muni yoga, the lagna lord and the navamsha lagna lord both should be in conjunction in the lagna of the D-1 chart only. This shows a highly spiritual person.

Role of planets for spiritual growth

⮚      Strong luminaries in a horoscope indicate good performance in spiritual practices. The Sun represents our power. For continuing spiritual practices one needs to have strong willpower and self-discipline, which only Sun can give. A strong Moon would suggest strong determination, a focused mind, and the devotional and emotional balance of a person.

⮚      Mars is your energy and it shows one’s vigor towards life. A strong Mars demonstrates the need to channelize the energy through positive path to grow spiritually. Such person may try to focus their mind through the combination of breathing and various asanas. A strong Mars dedicates to the spiritual goals in life and other combinations of spirituality.

⮚      Well-placed Mercury wants more and more knowledge and skills. It suggests a never-ending process of learning for a person. Such natives read ancient scriptures to understand the real meaning of life. They are highly intellectual beings with higher goals in life.

⮚      Jupiter is a planet of religion, and it definitely takes a person towards spirituality with its strong presence in the birth chart. Such natives try to reach ultimate goal of life through understanding higher philosophies. They remain very interested in religious teachings and lectures.

⮚      Saturn is a planet of isolation and is mainly responsible for spiritual inclinations and growth. Its connection with the lagna lagna lord or Moon may give spiritual interests to the person.

⮚      Venus induces spiritual feelings through serving God with an art form like singing, playing musical instruments, and dancing at bhajans. They also make for excellent priests for their love and selfless devotion to God.

⮚      Rahu first gives excessive materialistic hunger, and then it snatches it all! After that the native feels so disheartened or cheated that he loses interest in the materialistic world and becomes a spiritual person. Rahu also indicates interest in foreign and out-of-cultural things. So, the native may in fact, change the religion he was born with.

⮚      Ketu gives detachment and leads a person towards spirituality.


The important houses of spirituality

⮚      Ascendant- The ascendant is everything and predicts a lot about a person. Its strength and weakness will decide the spiritual advancements of a person. The ascendant will determine a person's overall personality and general traits. Benefic influence on the Lagna suggests the noble and religious pursuits of the native.

⮚      Fifth House- The fifth house is a house of purva punya and the intelligence of a person. Benefic influence suggests that the person may carry his/her religious goals effortlessly while malefic planets show lots of obstructions. This shows what type of karmas you have accumulated in your previous lives. It is also a house of mantra siddhi, which shows how efficient a person would be in their sadhana. This house predicts about the results of the spiritual practices performed by the native.

⮚      Ninth House- The ninth house is a house of higher learning and religion. This is a very important house, and it is mandatory to have a benefic influence on it to advance on a spiritual path.

⮚      Twelfth House- The twelfth house is a house of salvation. This house has no boundary as it shows the condition of getting freedom from the cycle of birth and re-birth. This also shows the journey of the soul after this life i.e. one would descend to heaven, hell or the earth again.

Astrological combinations for religious and spiritual inclinations    

⮚      In Vedic Astrology, the 1st, 5th, and 9th houses are called the dharma trikona houses or the houses of religion. The houses 4th, 8th and 12th are the houses of moksha trikona. Now, if there is any prominent connection between the houses of these two categories, the native may acquire religious and spiritual inclinations.

⮚      Ketu and Jupiter in conjunction or in mutual aspect, also cause the person to follow a spiritual path in life.

⮚      Ketu in the twelfth house placed in the sign of Jupiter also indicates spiritual growth in life.

⮚      Ketu in the 12th house from the moon gives internal capabilities towards spirituality. The person can meditate extremely well and may practice severe penance towards attaining moksha.

⮚      A close conjunction of ketu and Jupiter in the dharma or moksha trikona brings spiritual enhancements in one’s life. However, Jupiter and the ninth house should be strong in the natal chart.

⮚      The Sun and Jupiter together form spiritual yoga under which a person may give services at some religious place or construct a worshipping place.

⮚      Saturn and Jupiter together are also considered good for spiritual growth.

⮚      Jupiter in lagna especially in the signs of Pisces and Aquarius makes a person spiritual in nature.

⮚      Under the dasha period of the 5th and 9th lords or the planets laced here, a person becomes religious or spiritual unexpectedly.

⮚      Rahu and Ketu in association with the 5th and 9th Lord while receiving the aspect of Jupiter may promote spiritual growth during their dasha periods.

⮚      A strong connection between the 5th and 9th houses may give religious interests to the person.

⮚      A strong 5th house with Jupiter’s aspect on it gives efficiency in mantra siddhi and thus spiritual interests.

⮚      Moon in affliction or even in kemdruma yoga may induce spiritual inclinations in a person as the person tends to become an innate thinker.

⮚      Venus placed in the zodiac signs of Leo and Virgo may make a person lose interest in worldly pleasures. And if Jupiter forms any connection with this combination, then the native is sure to leave the worldly pleasures and become a saint. However, Venus should be combust.

⮚      Those who have spiritual yogas in their kundli usually undergo through transformations under Rahu-Venus, Venus- Rahu, Venus- Jupiter, Jupiter- Venus, Saturn- Venus, and Venus- Saturn dasha periods. Serious thoughts come to their minds and they may immediately decide to abandon the materialistic world.

⮚      The birth chart depicts our outer personality while the navasha and bhava chalet chart shows our inner inclinations. Thus, these charts must be carefully analyzed to make out what the person thinks inside to know his/her true inclinations.

⮚      The zodiac signs of Leo (brahamcharya), Aquarius (dharma and punya) and Pisces (moksha) should be analyzed carefully. It is important to ascertain which planets are sitting there to know the exact results.

⮚      The presence of the retrograde planets in the dharma trikona gives efficiency in tantra vidya.

⮚      A mutual conjunction, aspect or exchange between the lagna lord and the moon sign lord gives the highest levels of concentration to a person. The person may practice higher realms of meditation to get connected to divine. Such native is very sincere and determined in their saadhna or spiritual activities.

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To sum up

Not everyone has spiritual yoga in kundli, but it is important to understand that life's ultimate goal is to attain a spiritual state. We hear lots of religious preaching narrating the importance of spirituality and religious way of life. They may or may not interest us but at least once one should try to understand life's real purpose. Not severe austerities but following a righteous path in life would do the trick. Even though we may lack such support from the planets, with right astrological guidance, you may rectify your karma. A learned astrologer may suggest what is hidden in your kundali and how you can make this birth successful in real terms. Astrology is not just a predictive tool but an impressive guide to make us rectify our karmas. Apply your free will to live a meaningful life!     

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