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Which Planet is Good in Seventh House?

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There are 12 houses in the birth chart in Astrology. Every house has its natural significance. The birth chart's seventh house is the house of partnership. The role of 7th house is most significant in determining success or failure in business. It depicts all kinds of partnerships, including your marriage. Primarily, this is the house of marriage, relationship with the spouse, marital happiness, and chances of divorce or separation from the spouse. The 7th house is also a house of business partnerships.

The 7th House is opposite the first house i.e., Lagna or an individual himself. So, all the planets placed in the first house have a direct influence on the seventh house.

The different planets' placement in the 7th house in the birth chart controls attraction for the opposite gender and sexual inclinations. The influence at the 7th house predicts about the willingness, commitment, possessiveness, and passion that one puts into married relations. The seventh house gives important indications about your purpose for marriage. It may be for love, selfish motive, money, or others.

The 7th house and the first house are complementary to each other. But at the same time, the 7th house also represents traits opposite to the first house i.e., your own personal traits. That’s why it is said that opposites attract! Different planets give different results with their placement in the seventh house. Here, we will explore what each planet signifies and what type of results it will give with its placement in the seventh house.

Before we move ahead, let’s have a glance at the fundamental elements of the first house-

  • Vedic name: Kalatra bhava
  • Natural ruling sign and planet: Libra and Venus
  • Associated body parts: Kidneys, pelvic area, lower back
  • Relations: Love partners and spouse

Various planets in the 7th House

Sun in the 7th house: The Sun is a planet that is not considered good in the 7th house for its ego and pride. The Sun creates ego hassles with the life partner, and they refuse to cooperate. Sun, the satvik planet, is not at ease in the kama bhava and creates problems in sexual relations too. However, the position is good for making gains through business and marriage. There is a possibility of gaining royal status after marriage with the spouse's help. Your partner may be more confident, rich and successful than you. This may become the prime reason for mutual disagreements and ego problems.

Moon in the 7th house: The Moon in 7th house gives a beautiful and affectionate spouse. Your spouse has unprecedented charm and is very caring for you. You tend to get motherly love through your spouse. The Moon represents an increasing and decreasing phenomenon, so, here, it may give mood swings to your partner. You are compassionate and have an extremely caring nature. The Moon adds an element of instability to the house it is placed in. So, here there may be a sense of instability in marriage if the Moon is not strong here.

Jupiter in the 7th house: Jupiter in the 7th house may cause problems in marital relations. The spouse may have religious inclinations and may have very less interest in establishing sexual relations. The spouse, however, will bring great wealth and many opportunities for business growth will arise after marriage. You have religious inclinations as well. This position is particularly good for a wise and mature partner.  

Venus in the 7th house: With placement of Venus in seventh house, you tend to get an attractive and beautiful partner. However, Venus here may give excessive indulgence in sex. Marriage would improve your financial and social conditions. This placement is good for materialistic gains, and the person is particularly interested in enjoying riches and luxuries with their partner. If Venus is free from affliction, the couple enjoys marital bliss; otherwise, the chances of extramarital affairs are there.

Mars in the 7th house: Mars in the seventh house causes Manglik dosha and makes the native extremely aggressive and passionate. Mars is a malefic planet and is not desired to put its influence in a soft relationship like marriage. Your partner may be bold and courageous who don’t hesitate to make individual decisions. This position gives hot-tempered mind and bad tongue to the native, which may create problems in married life.

Mercury in the 7th house: Mercury in the 7th house makes the native wise and good in communication. Mercury shows dual nature and shows lack of commitment in the married relations. Mercury just wishes to enjoy without caring for responsibilities, hard work and commitment in a relationship. You get an intelligent spouse who has fine social skills.

Saturn in the 7th house: Saturn in the seventh house gives a determined and duty bound partner. However, there may be delay or obstacles in getting married. You may get a partner older in age with mature mindset. Saturn though malefic gives very fair spouse with its placement in the 7th house. Your partner is the main driving force in your life to lead you towards success in life. Your partner may be rigid and orthodox in his/her approach.

Rahu in the 7th house: Rahu in the seventh house creates problems in a marriage. It shows excessive indulgence of your spouse in materialistic pleasures. The spouse may lack moral values and behave in eccentric manner sometimes. Rahu with its influence on the first house creates illusions in mind of the native. There are possibilities of misunderstanding and confusions creating troubles in marriage.

Ketu in the 7th house: With placement of Ketu in 7th house give separations either due to spiritual reasons or due to complete lack of interest in the partner. This position gives hardships in married life and the health of the partner remains bad. Your health may also suffer. A sense of competition with partner prevails and the placement is equally not desired for business partnerships.

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With this explanation, it is understood that no planet is good or bad in the 7th house and it is the strength of the planet that decides the final results. Every planet gives some good some bad, and it would matter in which context we are looking for the results. The associating influence on the 7th house needs to be checked by the best astrologer to understand the status of one’s marriage.

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