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which preschool is best.

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if you are looking for a preschool in india then this guide will help you to choose the best preschool in India.

Best Preschool In India

Drs Kids

best preschool in india
best preschool in india

Drs Kids is a play based learning preschool in Bangalore. It is a Montessori preschool. The centre has a play area for the children to be active and learn through their own experiences.

The teacher to child ratio of Drs Kids is 1:4, which means every child gets personal attention from her teachers. Drs Kids also provides daycare services for working mothers who wish to take care of their child during their office hours or evening classes.

montessori school

Montessori schools are the best preschools in India. Montessori schools provide a nurturing environment for children, and they’re a great way to prepare your child for school. If you have a child with special needs, Montessori schools are also a good choice because they offer specialized instruction.

Montessori preschools can be expensive — the average cost of tuition at an accredited program is around $20,000 per year — but if you’re looking for quality education that will help your child learn valuable life skills and prepare them for the future, it’s well worth it!

st josephs convent

St. Joseph’s Convent School is a Catholic school that provides an excellent learning environment for children. It provides a positive atmosphere where students can learn to read, write and speak English fluently. The school offers classes from kindergarten up through high school, so it’s possible for your child to complete their entire education at this one institution if they choose.

The curriculum includes subjects such as math, reading comprehension and writing skills along with more advanced topics such as science or history. There are also extracurricular activities available to students during recess time as well as after class hours on some days of the week — these include sports teams for boys/girls that compete against other schools in local leagues; clubs like drama club where kids can get together outside of normal class hours; music lessons where students learn how play instruments like piano or guitar (these lessons happen after school); art classes where kids have fun using paints brushes etcetera!

enchanted garden

Enchanted Garden is a preschool that has a high teacher-to-student ratio, which means that you can be sure that your child will always have someone to look after them. It’s also got good reputation, so it’s worth checking out if you’re worried about the quality of education your child will receive at their school.

If your kid likes to play and be active, then this might be the right place for them! There are lots of toys and activities for kids to enjoy here — kids who like to play are especially welcome at Enchanted Garden.

funky frogs

Funky Frogs is a preschool in India and is one of the best preschools in Delhi, Gurgaon and other locations in India.

Here are some reasons why Funky Frogs is one of the best preschools:

  • The teachers at Funky Frogs speak English fluently. They teach different languages to their students including Hindi, Sanskrit and French.
  • The children get to learn about different cultures through songs, dance and stories taught by their teachers at Funky Frogs.
  • The school has an indoor play area where kids can play with toys, blocks or puzzles without being worried about getting injured by tripping over something on the floor or being distracted by outdoor activity such as birds chirping near your window!

raindrops kidz castle

Raindrops Kidz Castle is a preschool in India that offers education to children from the age of 3 years to 5 years. The preschool provides activities such as singing, dancing, art and craft and yoga as part of its curriculum. This school also has an open play area which allows children to run around.

Raindrops Kidz Castle is located at Plot no H-2/3 Sector-20 Rohini Delhi NCR 110085 India

You can contact them on +919999670091

cocoon preschool

Cocoon preschool is a preschool in India. It is located in Hyderabad.

The school offers a range of educational services including pre-primary and primary education to students aged between 2 and 6 years old.

st andrews school

St. Andrews School is a co-educational school located in Mumbai. The school has four divisions:

  • Play school and pre-primary school
  • Daycare centre
  • Preschool, which teaches children aged 3 to 5 years old

The preschool offers all the necessary prerequisites for learning without losing sight of the child’s fundamental right to play. It provides an environment where children’s learning abilities are enhanced by using their natural curiosity, creativity, imagination and capacity for self-directed learning.

palms international

  • Palms International is a leading preschool in Mumbai. It has three sections: playgroup, kindergarten and pre-primary school.
  • The student-teacher ratio at this school is 1:10. This means that each child receives personal attention from the teachers throughout their learning process.
  • This school has an open-air environment to foster creativity while also helping children develop their motor skills through physical activities like running around or playing games with other kids.

country kids preschool and daycare centre

Country Kids Preschool and Daycare Centre is located in the north Indian city of Delhi. It is a school for young children aged 2–6, who come from a variety of backgrounds and family situations. Country Kids’ staff understands how important it is to give children opportunities to learn new skills and gain confidence that will last a lifetime.

Country Kids has been recognized as one of India’s best preschools by international magazines such as Forbes India, Business Today and Parents India Magazine among others

best preschool in india

There are many preschools in India. The best preschool in india is situated in Bangalore. It has been ranked as one of the top 3 preschools in India by several sources, including those for parents and teachers alike. This school has been around for over 20 years now, so it’s safe to say that their teaching methods are tried and tested! If you’re looking for a perfect school that can teach your child valuable lessons while they grow up, this should be your first choice out of all schools available to students today!


We hope this article has given you a little insight into the world of preschools, as we know how important it is for children to have a good start in life. There are so many options available today that it can be difficult to choose one which best suits your child’s needs.


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