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Which Purchases From Our Online Store Could Help You Fulfil Your New Year Resolutions?

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Did you know that the second Friday in January is known as “Quitter’s Day”? It’s a reference to the tendency for that to be the day many people give up on their New Year resolutions and slide back into their previous habits. Was Friday 14th January – this year’s “Quitter’s Day” – that day for you? 

Whether your answer to the above question is “yes” or “no”, a lot of us do undoubtedly struggle to achieve our resolutions each year. YouGov research reportedly found that about a quarter of adults who made resolutions in 2020 didn’t manage to keep any of them – a mere 48% kept some, and that’s frankly not good enough. 

So, we thought that here at Zawzor, we would outline some ways in which offerings from our own online shopping channel might help you make a success of your 2022 resolutions if you’re already wavering. Ranging from statement home pieces to grooming essentials, they’re quite a mix. 

A money box 

Yes, we appreciate the irony of suggesting that you can help keep your financial resolution by spending money with us! But on a slightly more serious note, we do offer some gorgeous silver-plated money boxes in our store right now, including a classic piggy bank design, as well as a less familiar crown

Whether you purchase one of these as a treat to yourself (and as a constant visual reminder to keep on being careful with your money!), or instead perhaps as a christening present or baby shower gift, a money box from us could be a fine keepsake buy with which to start 2022. 

The complete grooming kit 

A lot of New Year resolutions commonly revolve around improving our self-confidence and appearance in some way. And if you’ve set such a resolution this year, you might not be doing so just for its own sake – you may be aspiring to a new job, for instance, and therefore want to look smart and feel good in all those interviews you might be attending during 2022. 

In that case, and if you’re a man, you might appreciate the choice of grooming sets we make available at Zawzor at excellent prices, containing all those essentials such as nail clippers, hair tweezers, scissors and more, in a stylish case. These can also be great kits to bring with you on those journeys up and down the UK or beyond, such as for crucial meetings with business clients.  

Pieces for the home that are as eye-catching as they are practical 

Now, we realise what you might be thinking here: as beautiful as the many statement home pieces you can purchase from our online shopping channel are, what do they have to do with the fulfilment of New Year resolutions? 

Well, they tie into resolutions in a number of ways. Firstly, as we touched on in another recent blog post, a lot of you will be looking to give your homes a timely refresh in 2022, and items such as this enchanting cast resin heart sculpture and large handcrafted stem bowl can be ideal for that. 

Pieces like the above can be great for injecting great aesthetics and – in some cases – practicality into your domestic spaces, thereby helping to put you in a better state of mind to succeed this year. Then, there’s simply the fact that they can be fine ways to treat yourself as you continue working towards your resolutions. Indeed, you might even buy one whenever you reach a key resolution ‘milestone’, such as achieving a certain weight or being invited to that job interview. 

You don’t have to be fatalistic about your chances of achieving your New Year resolutions this time around, simply because you might have struggled to reach your goals during past years. And purchasing any of the above items to help make it happen can be made even easier by the free delivery we offer to UK customers



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