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Google Translate is a free translator for Apple and Android users, which lets you speak a query, and it will display the translated result in over 50 languages. It also speaks the translation back to you in the major world’s popular languages. Google Translator is an easy to use, a multi-language translator that supports hundreds of languages.

Apple Translate is a newly launched Translate app by Apple. Apple Translate gives iPhone users a new alternative option over Google Translator. You can access the Apple Translate app offline and download the preferred language, which you can further access for translation when you are not using the Internet. The Apple Translate app is closely integrated with Siri.

Google holds expertise in delivering accurate and quick translation for its users. But the recent launch of Apple Translate gives a huge privacy boost to its users. In this article, we will compare the two on various factors like user interface, features, languages support, multiple detection modes, and more.

Cross-Platform Availability

A cross-platform translator app enables you to enjoy a similar experience across all supported platforms. With the cross-platform feature, you can save your favorite translated phrase and access them on other platforms.

Google Translate is available for iOS, Android, and Web users. You can also translate web pages via Google Translate by using Google Chrome. But the Apple Translate app is only available for iOS and iPadOS users. Siri can use the Translate app to translate words and phrases on Apple Watch.

User Interface

For all its applications, Google follows the standard Material Theme guidelines. Google Translate comes with a clean white background and a bottom menu. At the top of Google Translate, you can access options like language detection, voice input, camera, and handwriting. While Apple Translate comes with a clean user interface with a menu bar at the bottom. Apple Translate supports big fonts for typing and translation. Both of the apps support dark themes.

Language Support

Google Translate comes with 109 languages, but 43 out of 109 supports bilingual text translation. 37 languages out of 109 support image translation and 32 for voice in conversation mode. Apple Translate supports only 11 languages, namely Arabic, mainland Chinese, UK English, US English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. You can choose your translation app based on your needs and preferences.

Language Detection Modes

There can be so many ways to use translation apps. You can type out words or even use the camera to translate any text.

In Google Translate, you can type text by using the keyboard to translate it to your desired language. You can also translate via a bilingual voice to voice conversation. You can click a picture of the text you want to translate, and Google Translate will do the rest. With Google Translate, you can have a conversation with your friend in real-time by using the conversation mode. Google offers you multiple modes to translate languages on the go.

While Apple Translate, you can translate languages via typing text and voice modes only. In type mode, you can enter text using the keyboard, and Apple Translate will translate it for you. Apple Translate comes with automatic language detection to translate voice conversations using audio.


Both of the applications give you the definition of unknown words and allow you to save your favorite translations for future usability. Google offers a dedicated Share and Copy button while on Apple Translator, you have to long-press on the word you want to share. Both of the apps support offline translation. You have to download languages first, and then you can access them without the Internet. As Apple Translate is closely integrated with iOS software, you can simply ask Siri to perform translations.


Google Translate holds years of expertise to deliver correct translations quickly. Google Translate comes with better availability and offers more detection modes. While Apple Translate offers better privacy and the integration between Siri and Apple Watch is also a nice touch.

Source-Apple Translate vs Google Translate


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