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Which Trope Suits Perfect With The Romantic Genre Books?

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You must have come across book lovers who love to read different genres of books. 

But have you tried to figure out why people should try different/subgenres of books?

With time, reading around a particular trait might tend to get boring.

This is precisely what is getting into a ‘Reading Slump' without even knowing. Anything and everything might get boring once you keep doing it for the long run. That is when you know it's time for you to give it a break. The same goes for books and readers. No matter how addictive a genre is, it might as well need a break!

That's why book readers love to hop from epic fantasy romance books to urban fantasy and thriller genres with subgenres as Sci-Fiction romance and more. 

How Does A Tinge Of Romance In Romance Fantasy Novels For Adults Affect The Readers?

Many readers want to couple fantasy with romance. Romance Fantasy novels for adults have themes woven around magic, demons, fairies, or other magical creatures. Some even ride on supernatural phenomena like time travel to hook readers. Besides taking you in a magical fictional world, these books are characterized by love stories that entice readers with a tinge of romance in dreamland.

Not only will it help to get out of a reading slump, but it is itself a unique new experience. Many people might not like the idea of a horror trope in romance books. Reviews say that people tend to lose that realistic feeling that a story should bring. However, it varies from person to person. There is a section of readers who enjoy multiple tropes in a novel. That makes it quite an exciting genre to binge-read. 

Urban Fantasy Is A New Fad Among Readers 

Recently, a new genre has come into the lights and is hyped up among the readers. Let's get into some details about this genre called Urban Fantasy book.

Adult urban fantasy eBooks or physical books are often written in first-person narrative. These are marked by mythological beings, romance, and female protagonists. Examples of urban fantasy novels with male protagonists adapted for shows include Beauty and the Beast, The Dresden Files, Forever Knight, Grimm, Moonlight, and Supernatural. 

Some authors have penned down urban fantasy content exclusively for young adults. The book's inexperienced protagonists/leading character is unexpectedly drawn into paranormal struggles. They often gain allies, find their romantic partner, or discover supernatural abilities to emerge as iconic figures among the youth. For instance, the book by Kelley Armstrong's The Darkest Powers series revolves around a group of teens with paranormal talents who are trying to escape from their band of scientists.  

Are You Confusing Epic Fantasy Romance With Young Adult Urban Fantasy Romance?

Wait, Both Are Different! 

A Brief Intro Of Epic Fantasy Romance Books

These books feature magic and/or fantastic beasts and monsters set in a fantasy world. With examples like The Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, this genre of books has a dominant central romance story involving a couple that always ends up with a typical love story ending ( HEA, an acronym for ‘Happily Ever After').

Readers of epic fantasy romance books appreciate the author coupling epic fantasy like monsters, quest, darkness threatening the world, etc., with romance elements, e.g., friends turning lovers, enemies becoming lovers, love triangle, HEA, etc.

Hope you have a handful of options for the romance genre… See what entices you the most to choose your pick from the eBooks list.


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