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Hauling services help move your stuff from one place to another. Usually, people mix these services with moving services, but they are not the same. Moving services help you in the moving process, and they not only move your stuff but also help you pack and unpack. In comparison, hauling services only move stuff for you and don’t do anything else. Usually, people move stuff on their own with the help of some friends while moving from one place to another or removing junk, but sometimes, where there’s a large amount of stuff, professional hauling services are needed. Here are some services that fall under the umbrella of hauling. 


1- Freight Hauling

Freight forwarding also said to be freight hauling is a process to move goods from one place to another for a business, individual, or enterprise. The company offering such service could be an international shipping company, a rail company, or a truck company. In most cases, freight haulers have their vehicles to transport goods to and from various ports or shipping hubs. Heavy equipment transport is a common service that is included in the freight hauling list of the majority of the companies. However, for freight hauling, vehicles should be frequently serviced, maintained, and operated by a team of experienced transport professionals. 


2- Junk Hauling

Garbage collection is simply the process of collecting and removing unnecessary waste from your home or office. However, there is a big difference between junk hauling and junk removal services. Junk hauling only moves the junk from one place to another, whereas removal services not only move the garbage but collect it and then properly dispose of it. 

  • When your house has leftover items like old and used appliances, broken wooden furniture, and corroded metal items, you can hire junk haulers to remove them from your location. However, before calling them, you should tell them about the items you are looking to remove. This is because certain junk haulers don’t deal in leftover lubricants and similar materials. 
  • If you have excessive trash in the trash cans at your house, call a junk hauling service to get it properly disposed of. Junk haulers have trash collectors as well, which can properly dispose of the garbage from your house. 


3- Commercial Hauling

Commercial Hauling includes the loading, collection, transport, or disposal of commercial solid waste. Normally it includes moving old furniture, chairs, tables, computer tables, computers, etc. A commercial hauling service doesn’t include the removal of garbage from a commercial building. For that, you can hire a junk hauling service. Commercial haulers are confined to commercial premises only and have dump trucks specially designed for commercial waste. 


4- Machinery Hauling

Construction sites normally have heavy machinery that a common man can’t move. For that purpose, a company providing the services of machinery hauling is hired so that machinery is moved properly from one place to another. Moreover, once a piece of machinery gets out of order, you can hire machine hauling services to get it removed from the site location.



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