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Which will drastically reduce the amount of profit that you make

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To begin, your Agility level will be the most important skill that you can improve early in the game. An increase in Agility means greater energy for Buy OSRS Gold running and more efficient recovery in this energy source. Because as Ironmen you'll not have access to all of the telecom ports, running will typically be the best choice.

Another area that requires your attention as early as you can is Magic. It's a skill that you can train as your primary style of combat that can assist you in taking on better opponents and win higher rewards, but you'll train Magic for other reasons.

The High Alchemy skill you gain at level 55 is the bread and butter of each Ironman. Without it , you'll have to sell everything off to general market, which will drastically reduce the amount of profit that you make. It is generally advisable to reach 55 Magic as soon as possible to not waste any possible income.

Questing is another item on your list. You'll want to finish as many missions as possible – especially those that can provide you with items for travel like Ectophial or Camulet. Like we said you'll have to be self dependent when traveling, so any teleporter that will get you farther from where you are an absolute blessing.

Some missions require a lot of effort and are not possible to Old School RS Gold be completed right away but keep in mind that those that you can do should be completed as soon as possible. They will provide you with not only rewards in form of things but also an experience that is needed.





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