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We have to Diablo 4 Gold keep in mind we only tested really early game builds here. This is why people were saying Druid and Barb would scale well later, which is probably true, but no need to let them starve until endgame. Good changes here.

Update: Okay my fears are unfounded. Despite the Diablo team not being ready to dive into expansions just yet, GM Rod Fergusson has confirmed they are doing both, seasons (which are free) and expansions (which are paid). Great news!

Original article follows:

While we know that Diablo 4 is planning to be a live service and having seasons like Diablo 3 has for the past decade or so, things seem to be altering one of the core historical parts of the game, if recent interviews are indications of anything.

Game Informer has a big Diablo 4 cover story right now, and what I’m taking away from it, especially a quote from associate game director Joe Piepiora, is that the game may be shedding large expansions like Lord of Destruction or Reaper of Souls in favor of more meaty seasons.

The interview has Piepiora hesitating to use the word “expansion” when he talks about post-launch content. Instead, the game is meant to provide “meaty” updates for three month-long seasons which will also arrive with meaningful story content, something Diablo 3’s seasons weren’t focused on at all. Naturally, this comes with a battle pass with free and paid tracks and uh, okay I think I see what we’re doing here.

It feels like Diablo 4 is attempting to do something at least sort of akin to Destiny 2, albeit Destiny 2 has both storyline-containing seasons and yearly expansions. But I’m not sure Diablo 4 has the resources to do both, so tell me what might be more appealing to Blizzard and Activision: Selling a $40 expansion once during the lifespan of the game, or selling $40-60 worth of season passes per year for the next decade that Diablo 4 will probably exist? Yeah, you get it now, right?

Part of me really does not love this, given that Diablo’s Lord of Destruction and Reaper of Souls were such seminal parts of D2 and D3. Reaper of Souls in particular was the moment D3 really turned things around, and it added a huge amount of content and totally revamped how the Diablo IV Gold game was played.


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