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If you’ve ever wanted to get into deer hunting but didn’t know where to start, some easy tips can help you get a feel for the sport. From Kentucky to Wisconsin, Texas, and Ohio, there are plenty of spots across the country to find whitetail deer, making it an accessible option for beginners. Start preparing now, and you can enjoy plenty of success once fall arrives. From wearing the right hunting camo clothing to getting the lay of the land, here are four tips to start your whitetail hunting career.

Scout Out Your Hunting Area

Knowledge and preparation are king in the world of hunting, and this applies just as much to whitetail deer as it does to other game.

If you’re unfamiliar with the area where you’ll be hunting, spend a few days over the summer or even right before the season opens to hike around where you’ll hunt. Scope out spots for your stand, like the corner of a field or along a ridge.

Make note of where you can hike in and where you plan to exit the backcountry so you aren’t blindly looking for a trail with a whitetail in tow.

As your hunting excursion gets closer, check the weather so you know how to dress and what kind of conditions to expect.

Gear Up with Versatile and Comfortable Clothing

Investing in high-quality clothing is a lesson best learned early in your whitetail hunting career.

Whether you’re spending a whole day in your stand or trudging through the undergrowth with a deer across your shoulders, you want clothes that help keep you safe and comfortable the entire time.

Build a collection of hunting apparel that’s made up of the appropriate layers. Whitetail season is one of the most unpredictable times for weather. Your base layer should keep you warm. A heated shirt and vest combo is a great choice. Or you can wear an outer layer that’s easy to remove and carry in your pack if conditions are better than expected. A camouflage puffy jacket that’s lightweight and water-repellent works perfectly.

Learn the Art of Stealth

One wrong step, and you can alert your target to your presence. That could mean hours of tracking down the drain. You’ll have to start from scratch. That’s why it’s essential to learn how to be undetectable while hunting whitetail deer.

Noise, scent, and sight are three of the biggest factors to account for when you’re hunting.

To cut down on noise, clear your stand of any branches and leaves, and always plan your next move carefully so you don’t make any unnecessary noise.

For scent, you’ll want to ensure your hunting clothes are treated with enhanced odor control and try to stay downwind of the spot you expect to see deer.

Finally, for sight, you should wear advanced camo tech that’s designed to distort the human shape, blend into the surroundings, and create focal confusion for animals.

Persistence Is Key

Persistence is the number one factor that separates unsuccessful hunters from successful ones. If you want to go from beginner to expert, you have to be willing to spend those extra hours improving your skills.

Even something as simple as leaving for lunch can cause deer to relocate to a quieter area. They might even come to your location since you’re still hunkered down, waiting patiently.

Some hunters choose the morning or evening hours for their hunting times. If you head out early and come back late, you can take advantage of all the best times for whitetail activity.

Sticking to your plan and putting in more hours on your hunt trip is the best way to improve your chances of success.

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