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Who is Wind Horse From Tibetan Mythology

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In Tibetan Buddhism, wind horse (Tibetan: རླུང་རབ་, Wylie: rlung-rab) is a symbol of spiritual progress and enlightened mind. It is typically depicted as a horse with a colorful prayer flag as its mane, carrying a small treasure chest on its back. The wind horse represents the power of prayer and the movement of positive energy, and is believed to carry the prayers and aspirations of the devout to the higher realms.

In Tibetan mythology, the wind horse is associated with the lungta, a type of energy or life force that is said to reside in the air and sky. The wind horse is thought to embody the qualities of strength, speed, and endurance, and is believed to be able to travel great distances to deliver prayers and positive energy to the gods.

In Tibetan culture, the wind horse is often depicted on prayer flags, which are hung outside homes and in temples as a way of spreading blessings and good fortune. The flags are believed to be infused with the power of prayer and are thought to bring good luck and prosperity to those who display them.

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