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There are a lot of characters that have been featured by both Marvel and D.C. universes. Both of them have portrayed characters from classic literature in their ways, and it’s the interpretation that has created varied stories, although the inspiration for both has been the same. One of those characters is from Mary Shelly’s famous novel, Frankenstein. Shelly’s famous protagonist needs little introduction, but today we look at how the Marvel or D.C. version of the character differs from each other. 

Marvel’s Frankenstein

Created by the body parts of dead bodies, Marvel’s Frankenstein was quite like the other versions. He got his vocal cords damaged and was left frozen when he confronted Dracula at the end of the 19th Century. However, he has worked against and with several Marvel Heroes in the last few decades in modern times. He was the guide to Elsa, who was the daughter of Ulysses Bloodstone, a well-known monster-hunter. He has fought with Spider-Man to take on the monster-maker and faced renegade Man-Thing as a Fearsome Four member. Because of the hate he had for his creator, he ended up fighting the X-Men when he turned his attention to Maximillian, the last living descendent of Victor Frankenstein. 

D.C.’s Frankenstein

The initial appearance of D.C.’s Frankenstein painted a very violent and mindless picture of him. He remained a clueless monster who was thrown at superheroes like Batman and Superman from time to time. However, his character went through a significant shift when he was recreated as S.H.A.D.E.’s agent. He worked diligently under his leadership and made many contributions, the most notable one being the one in which he fought against the Nazis. He took part in several conflicts and worked hard with the Bride to help protect the world. 

However, his relationship with the Bride has deteriorated when their attempt to create a son became a failure. But Frankenstein always stood with the D.C. universe’s heroes and proved himself to be a reliable ally. He even worked with the Justice League a few times to help protect the world. He took on O.M.A.C.’s forces and the members of Justice League Dark and went on to fight Melmoth along with other creatures from Gotham City. It won’t be wrong to say that D.C.’s universe Frankenstein’s contribution was no less than heroic. 

Who is better?

Marvel’s Frankenstein is a good reminder of the type of beasts and creatures in our world. He is a fun addition, and his character proves to be a valuable addition to the franchise. He plays both the role of a hero and a villain in his long-run in the Marvel universe, which makes him stand out.

However, the Marvel Frankenstein pales in comparison to the one from D.C. He brought so much to the D.C. universe ever since he was reborn as a hero agent and fought for the greater good. Even his characterization as a villain was no less than magical, but he truly made his work working alongside heroes. His relationship with Bride was not just entertaining, but it brought solid drama whenever it was needed. Therefore, DC Frankenstein was much more memorable and a better version of Frankenstein as compared to the one from Marvel.

Source-Who Will Come on Top When Frankenstein’s From DC and Marvel Are Compared


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