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Whole Bean Coffee Vs Pre-Ground Coffee

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Have you ever spared a thought about what goes into making that perfect cup of coffee? From the selection of the coffee bean to the roasting process and brewing time, every aspect plays a huge role in determining the strength, intensity, flavour and aroma of the beverage that you drink. 


One of the most important factors that determines the coffee’s taste is the use of whole bean coffee or pre-ground coffee. In this blog, we will dive into the major differences between the two types of coffee brews.


Whole Bean Coffee Vs Pre-Ground Coffee

Whole Bean Coffee

  • Requires time and effort as the bean needs to be ground before making coffee
  • Strong and pungent flavour and aroma
  • Need to have a coffee grinder and brewer to prepare coffee
  • You can make small changes to flavour and aroma by changing the roasting and brewing specifications


Coffee maker for different grain grinds

To get the perfect coffee blend, you need to use the right coffee maker based on the grain size. The brewing time and amount of water that you use also depends on the ground grain size. 


Here’s how to choose the right coffee maker based on the grain size

Grain Size


Coffee Maker

Extra fine

Powder-like texture

Turkish coffee maker


Smooth with a light texture

Espresso machine, AeroPress


Sand-like texture

Drip coffeemaker, pour over, vacuum pot


Sea salt size particles

French press, percolator, cupping

Extra coarse

Pebble size particles

Cold brew coffee, toddy brewer

Pre-Ground Coffee

  • Easy and convenient to brew as the grounds can be directly used to prepare the beverage
  • Mild flavour and aroma
  • Need a filter paper or percolator to prepare the coffee
  • You cannot make any change to the coffee’s flavour and aroma. What you get is what is packed.


The major differences between whole coffee beans and ground coffee are the method of preparation and the flavour extraction. Preparing coffee from whole beans requires time and patience. However, you can enjoy the whole bouquet of aromatic flavours with every cup of coffee. On the other hand, ground coffee is easy to prepare. It’s a great choice for those who drink several cups of coffee a day. 



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