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Is your website struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing number of visitors? If you’re thinking about upgrading your current hosting plan, perhaps it’s time to consider a Netherlands Dedicated Server from Onlive Server instead. Here are just a few reasons this option should be at the top of your list.

Netherlands Dedicated Server

A Netherlands Dedicated Server means you get your own server, which you can control and customize. This way, it accords to your business needs. There’s no routing involved—meaning there are no load times; hence, your website loads faster than if it were on shared servers. It also means that you have more storage space and spare capacity, as well as complete security. If these things sound like they would be valuable to your business, then a Netherlands dedicated server might be right for you!

Safe Service Provider

Onlive Server offers features that let you focus on improving your web experience rather than managing servers and web space. In addition, our server hosting services are secure, so you don’t have to worry about your data or files being damaged or lost. At Onlive Server, we offer an outstanding service so that you can concentrate on maintaining your online business instead of wasting time on technicalities. You can also rely on us for 24×7 customer support at all times.

Free Migration

Onlive Server enables you to move your existing website to its servers, with no downtime. You don’t have to worry about things going wrong, as Onlive provides expert services at all times. Just contact our customer support representatives and they will help you with every aspect of transferring your site on Onlive server. You can also take help from their 24x7x365 live chat facility. By taking full control over the migration process, you can easily set up your website or e-commerce store with ease.

Powerful Hardware

While basic shared hosting may host a small personal website, high-traffic ecommerce sites or multi-user blogs typically require a dedicated server. Dedicated servers are usually far more powerful than shared hosting options, boasting multiple processors and many times more RAM. Dedicated servers will cost significantly more per month than even cloud hosting solutions. At Onlive Server, you can opt from a wide range of world-class hardware at competitive prices. The company offers 3 different servers:

  • Web server
  • Email server
  • Game server.

Low Maintenance Cost

A dedicated server, which is hosted by a dedicated hosting provider, costs much more than shared web hosting plans. But it turns out that these servers’ cost less over time because of their ability to host websites independently. Each website on your server doesn’t rely on another site in order to stay online. With all your hardware and software in place and working together in harmony, there isn’t as much downtime as with shared servers. The result? You save money from not having to pay for constant repairs and replacements.

Data Center Location

Where your server is hosted. Choosing a data center close to you will speed up server response time, however remote servers may offer lower costs and better security if they’re in secure facilities. To find out where your provider hosts their hardware, ask about their location or dig into their Terms of Service/Privacy Policy. If you can’t find it, that’s not a good sign.

24×7 Support Team

One of Onlive Server’s best features is its 24×7 online support team. It offers high-quality support that you can use of the day, whether you’re having issues with your dedicated server or need some help to install software on it. We have trained the team to handle various scenarios and will work quickly to make sure everything runs smoothly for you. If there are issues, it works quickly to resolve them before they become a problem.

Live Chat Facility

In today’s marketplace where everything can be found within one click, it is mandatory that your server run as smoothly as possible so that your customers don’t lose interest and can find what they need quickly. Onlive ensures that you have an interface where you can stay in touch with your customers 24×7.

  If you use Windows Live Messenger, you don’t even have to be at your desk to get instant answers to their queries. So why not full use of our live chat facility? We assure you that there will be no issues regarding server down time because we offer 100% network uptime guarantee. You can also call us or drop us an email anytime to share your feedback on our service or simply ask us anything about our services. Our team of experts will always be ready to help you out! So, what are you waiting for? Order now!


If you’re setting up your first website, or if your existing site’s infrastructure can’t support your traffic levels or business goals, a Cheap Netherlands Dedicated Server is an investment worth considering. A dedicated server hosted in Holland will ensure that you can take advantage of hyper-efficient TLDs and resourceful, reliable hosting technology.




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