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The purpose of call center software is to increase the efficiency of a contact center. It emphasizes optimizing interactions between call center agents and leads. It helps agents make effective outbound calls by routing incoming calls to them. 

Call center software can track and report metrics. Besides routing contacts, it also supports messaging, chat, SMS, social media, and more. Further, it helps in recording interactions between customers and agents. It also provides survey tools for measuring customer satisfaction.

Call center software has features like smart dialers, automated call distribution (ACD), intelligent routing, campaign and list management, real-time, historical & custom reporting, contact history database, call recording & quality monitoring, text-to-speech & speech recognition, etc. 

Meanwhile, a PBX is a network for connecting internal telephones of a company or organization. With a PBX solution, users can make and receive internal calls as well as external calls. 

There is often confusion among people regarding call center software solutions and PBX solutions and they do not know which one to choose. This article will focus on the advantages of intelligent call center software over a PBX solution.

Reasons Why Call Center Software Is Preferable Over a PBX Solution

A decision as to whether to use a call center software or PBX solution often arises when you are establishing a customer service department. Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. Nonetheless, cloud-based call center software allows you to expand your business more rapidly. Why? Below are several reasons.

Capacity to Integrate Multiple Customer Outreach Methods

Call center software (especially cloud-based call center software) unlike a PBX solution, allows the integration of multiple customer outreach methods like SMS, Email, chatbot, social media, CRM, etc. It can also be integrated with a multi-channel dashboard to visualize customer interactions across all channels. With this feature, agents can get a 360-degree understanding of a customer. This ultimately improves the customer experience. 

Improves Agent Productivity and First-Call Resolutions with Smart Features

Compared to a PBX solution, call center software is smarter. This is because call center software (cloud-based call center software) has smart features like call routing and agent support. This enhances agent productivity and first-call resolutions. It also offers features like call monitoring (call whispering, call barging, and call snooping), IVR, etc.  All of these features ensure customers speak to the right agent and get a solution to their problem quickly. 

Less Costly 

Compared to a PBX solution, call center software is less costly. This is because there is no investment fee or deployment fee for call center software. Moreover, there is no maintenance fees involved for the former.

Provides Outbound Campaigns with Different Dialing Methods

Apart from inbound campaigns, call center software can provide outbound campaigns with different dialing methods like preview or predictive mode of dialing. However, a PBX solution does not provide outbound campaigns with such dialing methods. 


So, how do you decide whether to rely on a PBX solution or cloud-based call center software? There are many factors to consider. In some stages of business development, a PBX solution can be useful – for example, when you have a small business and only need inbound calls and internal communication. 

But as your business needs to grow, the PBX solution will no longer be sufficient. Thus, it is more advantageous to choose a versatile call center solution from the beginning. Your business continuity will be assured and you will have more opportunities to interact with your customers. Office24by7 is offering intelligent call center software. Call us at 91 7097171717 or drop an email at sales@office24by7.com today.

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