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Drinking coffee has always been part of our daily routine, and today it is even a social trend. Who doesn't take a “break” in their work routine to relieve stress with a cup of coffee or, increasingly common, with an infusion? With the proliferation of gourmet coffee shops, hot drinks such as specialized teas and infusions, as well as iced coffee drinks, smoothies or natural juices, the act of “drinking a little coffee” is almost more “in” than going out to dinner.

Perhaps one of the reasons coffee is so popular today is that workers have more work to do than ever before given downsizing at companies that have cut staff in recent years as a result of the recession and the famous “crisis”. People need a way to recharge and recharge – and coffee is the fuel that drives us.

So what better way to take advantage of this trend and offer promotional coffee mugs to customers and employees? Not only will they appreciate the detail by giving them a free cup of coffee, but you'll be able to enjoy multiple ad impressions every time your customers or employees use their coffee cups in front of others.


Screen Printed Coffee Mugs give us many years of Impressions

Printed with your company logo and contact details, these coffee cups make a perfect promotional medium, both effective for your company and useful for the recipient. The printing area on a coffee mug is quite large – it offers a good size on which to print your company/organization logo and even a slogan or call to action.

Also, consider that a ceramic coffee mug is very durable. Since it is so durable over time, its life expectancy is years, even decades, offering countless advertising impressions each time it is used. In addition, there are many people who collect coffee cup set as mementoes of previous experiences in which they participated. For this reason, people treat these promotional mugs with the utmost care – to preserve their memories associated with the cup.


Personalized Mugs have many uses, both for the Office and for the Home

Apart from the obvious use of coffee mugs  – the consumption of coffee – there are many other uses for this versatile product. It is common to find that employees use coffee mugs as holders for office accessories such as pens, paper clips and scissors.

It is also common to see personalized mugs used as plant pots or candle holders.

Promotional mugs are also a great way to generate small “kits” to give away – like a “Get Well” kit (including a thermometer, packets of instant chicken soup and mini-pack of tissues) or a “Get Well” kit. “New Hire” (including pens, sticky notes or notepad, and a business card holder).

The use of promotional cups is only limited by creativity.



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