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Nowadays, the retail market has a variety of custom boxes packaging materials made of paperboard that are frequently used for different products’ encasing. Among the big range of product packaging boxes, custom kraft boxes are popular due to their many advantages. The kraft manufacturers use pinewood to create these boxes. Custom Kraft packaging boxes are eco-friendly. You can get them in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. The custom Kraft boxes packaging is strong and durable for many products. That’s why customers like them.

Here are some reasons why brands prefer custom made Kraft boxes for their product packaging.

Kraft Boxes Are Nature-Friendly

size is likely to thrive at a yearly growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1% from 2020 to 2028.

According to Trivium’s 2020 report on sustainable packaging , 67% of buyers are now eco-conscious, and 59% say they will not prefer buying products with environmentally hazardous packaging.

Kraft Boxes Are Easy to Customize

Different Styles Of Kraft Boxes

  • Straight-tuck Kraft boxes with flaps on each side, best for non-fragile items.
  • lock-bottom kraft box with an opening flap on one end, perfect for fragile and heavier products. This packaging style is more durable and sturdy. In this style, products don’t easily slide out of the bottom side of the boxes.
  • crash-bottom kraft packaging with a locked and glued bottom is best for heavy products that need additional support.
  • tuck-top kraft box with an opening on the top having a flap that tucks into the box’s top (lid) is best for desserts and edible products packaging.
  • Kraft sleeve boxes come without tucking and end features, having openings at both ends. A matchbox is an example of a sleeve box.
  • Kraft boxes with a lid (cover) are popular in the market for many products packaging. It is a two-piece kraft box that is durable and has a feature to lock the lid over the base tray to ensure fit packaging.

These different kraft packaging styles are popular in different industries.

Variant Shapes and Sizes Of Kraft Boxes

Diverse Variety of Custom Kraft Boxes:

There are different classifications of the Kraft boxes. For example, custom Kraft packaging boxes are widely used in cosmeticsfoodjewelry, and gift products packaging. They are designed according to the industry and product specifications as well. The reason behind this is their tremendous customization options. Consequently, custom kraft jewelry boxes, and custom kraft bakery boxes, are examples of diverse varieties of custom Kraft boxes. Furthermore, you can make them unique with custom packaging designs and printing to attract your target customers.

They Help In Your Product Marketing

Kraft Packaging Boxes Attract Customers

Kraft Boxes Best Option For Gifts

Unboxing Experience With Kraft Boxes

On the contrary, people ignore the custom product packaging boxes that are not handy to use. That’s why brands must consider crafting custom Kraft wholesale boxes packaging for their customers. This way, they win popularity and authority in the market and increase their customer base as well.

Durable and Protective Packaging Boxes:

Corrugated Kraft Boxes For Products Delivery

Cost-Efficient Packaging Solution For Brands

Custom Kraft Boxes Are Better For Printing

This attribute makes them unique and creative with printing the brand’s logo, company details, attractive artwork, product advertising details. Moreover, you can print different colors on your brown kraft paper boxes to attract your target buyers. They prefer your custom printed Kraft boxes wholesale over others during making a product purchase at the retail store.

Why Are Kraft Packaging Boxes Used In Different Markets?


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