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Why are drain cleaners used in plumbing

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Drain cleaning has become a significant aspect in maintaining a home devoid of plumbing issues. Most homeowners tend to ignore their drains until it’s too late. Every homeowner must understand that since each drain of their house holds a specific place in their plumbing system, not taking care of them will put the entire plumbing system at risk.


People living in a brand-new home can use chemicals readily available on the market to clean the drains. These chemicals are in such a way formulated; that they remove any debris from your drains. However, homeowners living in homes more than five years should consider hiring a professional from plumbing services London. Since the amount of debris and dirt that clogs your drain need a plumbing equipment to clean, probably a drain cleaner can come to the rescue.


Some of the reasons to use a drain cleaner are-


  • Clogged drains harbour molds


The foremost important reason why drain cleaners are employed is that clogged drains attract molds and algae. Apart from being unpleasant, mold is a grave health hazard. It triggers many different diseases such as cold and fever. It is specially a threat for people with respiratory issues such as asthma.


  • Clogged drains may give rise to broken Pipes


Another reason to use drain cleaner is that clogged drains can cause pipes to break with time! The clogged debris finds its way inside your pipes and will slowly lodge itself in different locations. If left unchecked, the water flow will put your pipes under immense pressure resulting in the breaking of pipes. It is high time you get a professional from plumbing services London to avert the damage.


  • Clogged drains cause leaks in different pipes


One of the most common causes of kitchen sink clogs is grease. Grease gives rise to sticky sediment. It traps along with food and other particles creating a massive clog in the main pipeline. This grease layer keeps on trapping more debris with time. Finally, it ends up in a stubborn clog that can only be rectified by a professional. Time to call plumbing services London!


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