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Why Are Hedgehogs Solitary?

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Hedgehogs are not only seen on TV or are not simply a character in cartoons. If you do not know, they are real and have been domesticated for some years now. These creatures are tiny, spiny mammals that come in several species scattered throughout New Zealand, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Many households have adopted hedgehogs to be their pets.

If you want to have one of them as a pet, go for it. These animals are adorable. But you have to get to know them first before making the decision.

Understand that hedgehogs are solitary animals. Yes, you have read that right. They are unlike other animals living happily and healthily when in pairs or groups. But you may ask yourself: why are these animals solitary?

This is just how hedgehogs are. After the mating season, hedgehogs leave their home and own kind. In particular, male hedgehogs do not stick around their families and perform parenting skills. They take off after performing the deed and do not protect their little hoglets from any danger. Contrarily, female hedgehogs are better because they still stay to feed the little ones and teach them how to survive. But after about six weeks, the mother then leaves.  

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