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Modern organizations understand the power of branding, and the value name tags bring to the table. This is especially true when public events, conferences, and official visits are an integral part of raising brand awareness, employee loyalty, and networking.

However, with so many options for crafting and printing name tags out there, the market had never decided on a definite winner until now. Magnet name tags are incredibly sought after right now because they offer a wealth of features and qualities that are unique to them.

Let's list some of them:

Magnet name tags always stay in place.
Many worry that they will end up slipping off because magnet tags are not physically anchored on a blouse or jacket's fabric. Having a name tag that needs to be constantly straightened or put back in place can be highly distracting. It usually causes customers and colleagues to feel like they are not getting our full attention.

That might have happened with early iterations of magnetic name tags. However, specialized brands like Imprint Plus create magnetic fasteners that are guaranteed to stay in place even through several layers, allowing the wearer to focus on their work and mission.

Magnets won't damage clothing.
We all love to look our best when dealing with important clients and audiences. When we represent our organization, we feel the need to show our audiences the respect they deserve through our outfit and attitude. However, having to pierce and permanently mark our best suit in order to stay on-brand is a sacrifice not many find attractive today.

Magnet name tags do not alter the integrity of your clothes and stay in place without the need to damage your best attire. This feature is especially great for people who wear name tags as part of their everyday outfits.

Magnet name tags are cost-effective.
While name badges can be said to be inexpensive, not many can be considered cost-effective. One of the main problems we find in this industry is that it is difficult to get name tags and badges printed with high-quality permanent inks that really make your brand stand out.

Fortunately, Imprint Plus uses only premium materials that guarantee superior ink adhesion and lasts virtually forever without fading or losing crispness or visibility. In addition, they implement modern UV printing and laser engraving technology on high-end materials that showcase the personality and mission of your brand.

Professionally printed magnet name tags are proven to boost engagement, creating more opportunities to talk about your organization or products. That makes them the perfect conversation starter, boosting the confidence of those who wear them.

Imprint Plus name badges are highly reliable. They use magnet fasteners that stay securely in place all day long, preventing loss or having to check their position every five minutes.

Where can I get the best magnet name tags?
The process of having your magnetic name tags printed has also become straightforward when you have the help of professionals in the industry. It is the only way to make sure that your permanent badges are designed and printed to serve as an accurate reflection of your corporate identity. With Imprint Plus, you can use your own corporate branding or allow their professional designers to craft an original look that will make efficient use of the printable surface while making your brand logo, colors, and text stand out.

Visit their website today, and start designing the high-end magnet name tag your organization needs for transmitting the values and mission that make it unique. For more information about their exclusive products, call 1-800-563-2464 or start working with an Imprint Plus specialist immediately.

For more information about Badge Accessories and Business Name Badges Please visit: Imprint Plus.



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