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Transportation of materials requires dependability. If you are transporting something, you need to be certain that it will reach its destination in the same condition.

For businesses, this is super important as they move precious materials whose quality cannot be compromised. The best way to ensure that is to get the help of companies supplying industrial plastic crates in Melbourne.

Why Plastic Crates?

Materials have been transported in crates made of various materials for as long as one can imagine, cardboard being the top choice. However, some of the ways plastic crates are superior are as follows:

  • They can handle more weight – Crates made of heavy-duty plastic are more preferred for heavy material transportation as cardboard crates are not as sturdy.
  • They can be molded into custom designs – Cardboard crates cannot be formed into every design imaginable, whereas plastic crates can be designed to suit different needs.
  • They are Long-Lasting – Materials being transported are kept in various conditions. Cardboard crates may deform or degrade due to various environmental factors, but plastic crates can keep going without losing form or strength.
  • They Contribute towards Sustainability – Plastic crates can be reused many times, unlike cardboard boxes. Therefore, they minimize wastage and protect the environment.
  •  They are Safe to use – After use, plastic crates can be cleaned to ensure optimum health standards for safe material transportation. Cardboard containers do not offer this vital benefit.
  • They offer Efficient Storage – Plastic crates can store materials safely, occupying less space in warehouses due to their stacking ability. Cardboard boxes would most probably topple over.

Types of Plastic Crates Available

Plastic crates are available in various types, depending upon the requirement. Some of the most used ones are described below:

1. Nestable Crates – These crates can be stacked on top of another (nested when they are empty) to reduce the space required for storage. They are made of durable plastic so that they can be.

2. Stackable Crates – These particular crates are perfect for short-term storage, such as picking up the harvest. They are available in many volumes, are sturdy, and can be stacked to occupy less space.

3. Collapsible Crates – These crates can be unfolded and folded to reduce space and save money. They are also made of high-grade plastic and are available in different volume sizes.

So the next time you are looking for storage options, first search for industrial plastic crates in Melbourne and you will find what you’re looking for.



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