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Have you ever wondered what is the main cause of workplace accidents? It's by slipping or tripping on slippery tiles! (Source: Human Focus UK) The UK has always been blessed with abundant rain. But this has led to outdoor pavements and patios being slippery and extremely hazardous.

So what is the solution? The alternative to this is porcelain paving tiles. These tiles do not attract moss and algae which makes the surface non-slippery and safe.

In this blog we will discuss all about porcelain tiles, and why they are the best alternative to traditional pavement tiles.

Why do stone slabs become slippery?

Stone slabs have been used for building pavement for years. With the UK’s frequent and intense rain, these outdoor patios are often exposed to moisture. With time, these surfaces are more prone to attract growth like moss and algae, especially if there is water on the surface.

These biological growths do not damage the surface of the slabs but make it a problem for underfoot. Traditional algae growth appears mostly in the rainy and snowy seasons. They can range from dark green to blue-green colour (also known as nostoc). They are mostly powdery and can be removed with light scrubbing with a brush.

This makes the slabs slimy and slippery. Unless these slabs are cleaned regularly, they can be a hazard. These grimy surfaces are the main cause of accidents by tripping and falling over. They can also cause car or bike tyres to skid, causing them to lose control over the vehicle. Therefore, it is very important to keep these natural stone paving slabs clean to avoid any potential hazards.

What are porcelain paving tiles?

Porcelain paving tiles are man-made surfaces that have an additional anti-slip element added to the surface. These tiles are generally made of ceramic, or porcelain, which are relatively tough and have low water absorption quality. They are stronger, harder, denser, less porous and more stain and water-resistant than ordinary tiles.

How are porcelain tiles made?

Porcelain tiles are made by exposing natural clay to high temperatures- around 2300-2400 degrees Fahrenheit. By exposure to high temperatures, these slabs can withstand extreme weather conditions, which makes outdoor porcelain tiles an excellent choice. 

What are the advantages of porcelain tiles? 

Porcelain tiles have a ton of advantages over traditional stone slabs. Let us look in detail at some of the benefits:


Porcelain tiles can withstand extreme conditions more than normal stone slabs. They are less prone to breakage, cracks, and other wear and tear. They are harder and thicker which makes them have fewer air pockets and are more uniform in construction. They are rugged and sturdier than other tiles, making them a great option for outdoor pavements.

Easy to maintain

Porcelain patio slabs are water resistant. Therefore, they do not attract a larger amount of moss and fungi. These tiles also do not attract much grime and dirt and, therefore, do not require much maintenance. Simply mopping with household cleaners or vacuuming them will do the job. 

Less prone to accidents 

As porcelain tiles have less water retention properties, they do not attract biological growth. These keep the patio non-slippery. Also because of its rugged texture, these slabs are less hazardous to accidents as people will have less chance to slip and fall. This makes porcelain tiles an excellent choice to withstand any kind of weather. 

Parting words 

With the large variety of options available in the market, it becomes very easy to choose porcelain tiles over normal stone slabs. Porcelain tiles are gaining popularity in the UK because of their huge advantages. Not only for outdoor pavements, these slabs are also being used in other places like business or commercial pavements. These tiles also increase the aesthetics of the building and area due to their vibrant colour choices. You can change your flooring today by choosing a reputed paving slabs UK company for building your outdoor patio.

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