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Why are routine tests important for Pet’s Health?

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The regular examinations provide a proper scorecard and ensure the pet is getting the attention he or she needs that also promoting their overall growth. At an early stage, vaccinations get them away from major diseases while regular tests provide insights also what preventive steps can be taken by the Abbotsford vet Clinic.

The routine test for pets provides baselines and also tends to identify any sort of hidden illness that can affect the health at a later stage. The older pet gets benefits from the regular screening for the common species. Also, pets undergo different tests based on their history. The Abbotsford Animal Hospital ensures these tests are conducted on time and promotes their overall health.


Here is the list of some common test that vet recommends to get done on your pet at an early stage such as

Blood Work

The vet in Abbotsford recommends wellness panels for geriatric pets also begin with baseline blood work when they are just younger. The blood work can reveal a series of symptoms such as anemia, infections, bone marrow, diabetes, organ dysfunctions, and the list goes on.


Heartworm Tests

The vet always advises getting the heartworm test done to ensure that he doesn’t get any sort of parasites and remains free of many deadly diseases. The dangerous diseases when left untreated can cause major harm to the life of animals.

Fecal Examination

The fecal examination ensures there isn't one intestinal parasite that can hide out in the pet’s gastrointestinal tract due to the lack of leaching away nutrition. The regular fecal examination identifies the common intestinal worms where prompt deworming treatment method is used to prevent the parasite population from increasing in the gut causing diarrhea and or major health issues to the pet.


This test is conducted by taking the pet’s urine sample that provides a series of information about the urinary tract. The small amount of liquid can help the vet identify any sort of common signs such as inflammation, infection, kidney dysfunction, crystal formation, diabetes, and more.


The regular dental maintenance is the key to the maintenance of the overall health of the animals. It protects against any sort of disease that happens in the mouth from bad breath to overall prevention. The mouth infections tend to spread easily into the animal's bloodstream and affect the major vital organs.

Surgical Procedures

Regardless of the severity, the injury should be handled correctly and also helps the animal in the long run. Abbotsford Animal Hospital has trained people that cater to every need of the pet and if required perform the surgery to fix whatever the issues such as broken bones, repair joints, ligaments, and the list goes on. 


The routine test plays a crucial part in the overall health of the pet as preventive health care resolves major health issues. It is advisable to take appointments in advance to ensure the pet is getting genuine care and remains as healthy as possible.


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