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The UK’s PCO rental and car hire industry is booming. Statistics show that the number of PCO car drivers and cars has risen significantly in the last few years. Moreover, approximately 108,900 individuals are currently licensed for taxi or PCO driving in the country.

Considering the growing number of PCO car drivers, one cannot help but imagine the number of PCO cars that’ll be out on the road. As the demand and supply for PCO car rental continue to grow, we’ve seen a drastic increase in EVs used as PCO cars across London. And you may be wondering why so many PCO drivers choose an electric vehicle over a traditional or hybrid one.

G&M Direct Hire is a trustworthy and highly advanced PCO car rental company in London offering a wide range of EVs for PCO drivers. Their team has helped us put together this blog to help you understand the reasons behind the use of EVs as PCO cars.

So let’s explore the details without further ado.

That’s Just What the UK Needs!

Believe it or not, the country is getting charged up, and the government is taking significant steps to sustain and improve alternative energy resources. As a PCO driver in London, you should consider choosing an EV instead of a hybrid or traditional vehicle. The city now has numerous commercial charging points, initiatives are being brought to light to increase connectivity, and it’s getting easier for PCO drivers to strategise their EV charging plans.

A busy road in London

According to a recent report, there are over 35,000 EV charging outlets across the UK, and the best part is this number is double the number of gas and petrol stations countrywide! The report also specifies that around 6,400 out of the total EV charging points are for rapid charging, whereas more than 19,500 can be used as fast chargers.

Excellent Incentives

PCO drivers are rewarded for using all-electric PCO cars, and that’s one of the main reasons why PCO licence holders prefer renting an EV over other alternatives. In short, by switching to an EV as a PCO driver, you’re basically capitalising on this opportunity.

Some of the most popular EV PCO car incentives you may be able to enjoy includes exemption from congestion charges, discount on home charging unit installation, and more. A private ride-hailing company, Uber has also launched the Uber Green Feature to allow passengers to book PCO drivers with EVs. This incentivised program provides PCO drivers with a higher commission cut and ratings!

What we are more excited about is that these kinds of incentives are gaining massive traction in the UK, and other companies like Kapten and Lyft are also working to introduce similar programs.

Complete Exemption from the Congestion Charges

As mentioned above, PCO car drivers are exempt from paying congestion charges if they use an electric vehicle. Congestion charges can be quite a lot to pay and rack up your financial earnings. With an EV, PCO drivers can easily access and navigate the CC zones across the UK without paying any money.

A Kia E-Niro for PCO rental

Right now, PCO drivers must capitalise on this opportunity and rent a PCO car like Kia E-Niro, MG5, Nissan Leaf, or Prius+ to maximise their earnings. The government has announced that all EVs will be congestion charge-exempted till 2025, so don’t wait up and contact G&M Direct Hire today.

Massive Cutback on Fuel Costs

Rising fuel costs and supply shortage has been a headache for PCO drivers. The pandemic caused a massive upheaval in the UK’s economy in the last few years. Global fuel prices spiked beyond limits and led to a significant economic shock.

All thanks to EVs, PCO drivers can get back on track and revive their income’s sustainability by getting rid of fuel consumption altogether. For example, charging a PCO rental EV using a public charging point from Pod Point, PCO drivers can get around a 100-mile charge for £6-7. These savings might sound insignificant right now but will surely add up to benefit PCO drivers in the long run.

Zero Emissions

A person with even the slightest love for this planet doesn’t want to see it getting ruined and destroyed by carbon emissions, pollution, and contaminants. And vehicles have been a major contributor to global warming and rapid pollution due to excessive emission rates.

We’re witnessing a rapid rise in the use of EVs as PCO cars across London due to their zero-emission qualities. They are helping us keep the air clean and fresh and lower our country’s carbon footprint.

Toyota Prius EV for rent in London

The fact that over 2 million Londoners are breathing polluted air tells us that a lot needs to be done, and if you’re a PCO driver, we recommend you switch to an electric vehicle today!

Contact G&M Direct Hire to Rent a PCO Car in London

PCO drivers in London should rely on a reliable PCO car rental company that offers a diverse fleet and helps them improve their services. You can rent the trendiest and most amazing brand-new EVs, such as the Kia E-Niro and MG5!

G&M Direct Hire’s fleet is completely insured and is available at reasonable rates. There are no hidden fee and charges, and their PCO cars are ideal for Lyft and Uber drivers. If you’re looking for a PCO car for rent in the UK, contact them for details.


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