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According to the Oxfam International report, the wealth of the world’s 10 richest doubled during the time of Corona. Along with this, a shocking data also came out in America. Which 51 million Americans filled out for Unemployment Benefits. That is, 51 million people became unemployed in America during the time of Corona.

According to a Bloomberg report, Jeff Bezos’ net worth increased to $ 13 billion during the time of Corona. According to one data, 21000 people died every day due to lower income during the time of Corona. Because they didn’t have enough money. That’s why they neither got enough nutrition nor could they get the right treatment. Because of which those people died. 

Why Rich are Getting Richer ?

Let us know why the rich have become or are becoming rich. First and foremost, the reason for this is our education system, due to which the gap between rich and poor is increasing. Children are not kept up to date with technology from the very beginning in school.

Nor are they given education in financial management. Financial education is very important in life and it should be taught to the child from the very beginning. Along with this, if we look at the top billionaires, most of them are college dropouts. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page etc. do not have any college degree. But still these people are billionaires.

The second reason for the rich getting richer is that these people invest their money in that place. Where their money grows rapidly. Such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and stable investments. Their money doubles in these things in eight to 10 years. Also debt also makes them rich.

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