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You might have worked very hard on your research paper or on your marketing document but if you choose the wrong approach towards translating it, your valuable effort in creating that piece of content will go to vain. When you begin your hunt for translation options for your piece, you will mainly have two options; freelancers and translation agencies. There are many people out there who still think that opting for freelancers is a much better option but they might have not gone through the disadvantages that come along with working with a freelancer for translation services.

The quality and level of translation services offered by both freelancers and translation agencies vary a lot since both these entities of the translation industry use completely different approaches. There are many reasons why you should work with a translation agency instead of a freelancer and in this blog post, we are going to look at those reasons in a detailed manner.

A certain level of standards

If you are running a firm and looking forward to getting your marketing campaign translated for a foreign market then you will surely expect some kind of standard to be maintained by the translator you are working with. Well, while working with a freelancer one can never be sure about the level of standard they will maintain. There are various types of freelancers out there and there are maximum chances that their level of the standard will always be lower than that of a translation agency.

A translation agency has a reputation to maintain and this is why maintaining a certain level of standard is compulsory for them. So, if you are looking for quality translation services then going with a translation agency that has USCIS translation certification becomes important.

Speed and capability

Wouldn’t you hate to delay the marketing campaign just because the content was not translated within the decided timeframe? When you work with a freelancer, both speed and capability will become an issue for you. Freelancers have limited resources and that’s why they are always confined when it comes to the number of pieces they can translate and the speed at which they can translate.

But translation agencies that have USCIS translation certification have no restrictions in terms of resources. From the number of translators to the software programs, they have a wide array of tools and people to fulfil even the most urgent translation needs in the most seamless way possible.


Even when you will compare both freelancers and translation agencies offering language translation services on the basis of experience, you will find that a translation agency is much ahead of the freelancers. Most of the freelancers out there work only for a particular type of industry and that’s why they have limited experience. You will need to brief the freelancer in a very detailed manner if you have industry-specific translation needs.

But translation agencies don’t have such issues as they deal with a wide array of industries and different types of documents. It doesn’t matter whether you want legal translation or simple language translation services, a translation agency will encompass all.

The one thing that you should never compromise with is the translation of your documents, and working with a translation agency instead of a freelancer will be the best approach. A translation agency like The Spanish group will have many advantages over a freelancer in terms of quality, speed, capability, and expertise. That’s why you should never have second thoughts while preferring a translation agency over freelancers.


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