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A vertical laminar flow hood cabinet has many uses, which we will describe in this article. Many commercial laboratories and industries will find these cabinets the best choice. Let us look at some of the more important features of vertical flow hood cabinets and how they can benefit your business and laboratory space. Vertical laminar flow hood cabinets are perfect for laboratories with small spaces. Some of the striking features of vertical laminar flow hoods are detailed here.

  • Space Saving Feature

These vertical cabinets are used to enclose the area to keep the air free from dust and particles. The most common place where these hoods are placed is in the laboratories, especially in chemical reactions. Vertical wall mount laminar flow hoods can be installed on a wall or ceiling by attaching a bracket at the right spot. It gives you massive storage space in your laboratory as they can be stacked vertically on top of each other if there is a need for vertical space.

  • Protection From Airborne Contaminants

Contamination of our products, medicines and other delicate materials is always a problem while working in the laboratories. With a Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet in place, you can keep the air in your lab free from particles and contamination. Few critical benefits of vertical flow hoods involve

  • Your staff will be able to work productively without the need for repeated trips for tools or equipment due to their size.
  • When you compare these cabinets with ones that use horizontal airflow, they are much better than others because they conserve floor space.

Even if the place is dusty or dirty, we can still use these cabinets to protect our products and materials from getting contaminated. In addition, the vertical laminar flow hoods allow you to use the airflow for small-scale experiments in your laboratory.

  • Different Kind of Applications

The vertical laminar flow hoods can be used for several kinds of applications for different industries. It is widely used in the pharma, chemical, and food industries. However, it is the most widely used product in laboratories because there are hundreds of factors that can easily cause contamination in your experiments or products.

  • Attachable And Dismountable

A vertical laminar flow hood is more convenient if you have a place to mount it. You only need to pull out the handle of the hood, insert it in the designated area, attach the bracket and lock it in position. If you want to use your hood but not have it in the area where you use it most of the time, then you can also push back its handle to get it out. Do not worry about moving back and forth, as this cabinet is made with steel and has a sturdy handle that can be tilted right or left, just like a standard cabinet.

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