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The wisdom we speak is a mystery which5 Minute Manifestation Program Review  God ordained before the world unto our glory. The cross was not an afterthought or a mistake. It was a divine plan. And because it was in God's plan, there are so many pictures of it in the Old Testament. We cannot bring men to experience the glory, if they will not experience the cross. You can counsel a man from a sinful habit for 10 years and it will bring an endless sacrifice; but bring that man to the cross, and let him see something finished, you will find a man who is free.

How men can be born of the spirit cannot be answered unless you turn men to the cross. The exchange of old nature for a new life only became possible at the cross. A convert ought not to stay in your church for two weeks before he can understand the transaction that took place at the cross because it is central to his new life. If he is going to draw the graph of his life, it must be drawn from that origin. Some people believe that to be a Christian, they have to fast twice a week.

The truth of the matter is that; prayer, fasting and even fellowship are not the basis for our deliverance. Nobody is saved by coming to fellowship. Nobody is saved because he is praying; nobody is saved because of excessive fasting. Some people also feel that holiness has to do with the way you laugh. If you laugh with your mouth too broad, you will lose your sanctification immediately. They believe that excitement is emotional and when you move to that ream of emotion, you will lose your sanctification. You can be serious, prayerful, and looking spiritual but you are not free. But when you see the cross, you are free!



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