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Do you love your outdoor space? Do you wish to enhance it by building a lovely veranda? Well, a veranda is a kind of structure that is built in the exterior area of your home. It can be built to the front, back, or side of your home. 

A veranda offers shelter and comfort. It can also be used as an area for sun traps. You can find a wide variety of veranda designs made in different shapes and materials. Verandas can be customized to suit your tastes. You can go for traditional or modern design. 

Victorian/Traditional Verandas 

Usually made of wrought iron or steel, these verandas are built with a covering roof that contains glass panels and quarter arches. It can make your outdoor look aesthetically beautiful. With ornate designs and Victorian features, traditional verandas offer an eclectic look that showcases glimpses of a bygone era. A traditional veranda can be made with a solid safety glass of your choice, along with top-quality aluminum frames. These features provide durability and look very appealing. 

Contemporary Verandas

Modern verandas are most suited for stylish and plush new-age properties. They offer a sleek look with polycarbonate or colored glass roof panels. Most modern verandas have an aluminum framework with a seamless design. Garden verandas‘ built-in modern form may include concealed pipelines and integrated gutters. Homeowners can also opt for a sleek and stylish box appearance to highlight the contemporary design. 

What is the purpose of building a veranda?

Verandas serve numerous purposes. The primary reason to construct a veranda is to provide a good outdoor shelter against climatic conditions. Verandas are also built to enhance the value of your outdoor space. A home with a wonderful veranda can accentuate the look and feel of your home property. 

Let us discuss sundry benefits of installing a veranda 

·       Additional open space – More space is always a great bonus for a family. You can use the space as a recreational area or a kid's play area. You can use it as storage space, especially if the veranda is at the backside of your home. 

·       Entertainment – A garden veranda can be a perfect place to set up a temporary dining space during cold winters and hot summers. A home with a cozy veranda can be doubled up as a lounge area for quiet evenings spent outdoors.

·       Aesthetics – A home with a veranda looks complete and totally attractive as against those houses without one. It adds a definite charm and creates a picture-perfect sight. 

If you are keen to spruce up your home exteriors with an elegant veranda, Fleming Verandas can help you install superior verandas for your outdoor property. They offer verandas designs built with high-quality materials and an expert team of engineers and workers. 


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