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Even if you made a song that is perfect and mega catchy, if you don't have the right beat it probably won't be a hit that millions of people will listen to.

There are many famous songs with poorer lyrics that came out of the beat. The beat gives the atmosphere and rhythm to the whole song. Ideally, the beat is of high quality and the rapper is also able to perform a top-class song.

We fully understand that buying and finding the right bit for beginners can be time consuming and expensive. Therefore, it is better to buy high-quality online for the lowest possible price. Custom-made bit may be the perfect solution because you will get what you want.

Here are a few reasons why you should purchase custom-made bits:

A custom-made bit is a bit that is made according to your guidelines and exclusively for you.

Creative and Innovative : We know many of you are amazing rappers or singers, but maybe not necessarily composers. The arrangement of the whole song is also important, so leave these two issues to us.

There are many companies on the Internet that create custom beats for various types of songs. 

Various options : You have the choice of the instruments that we will use, tempo, climate, style, type of drums, bass. In fact, you can specify anything you need or just send a link to the song you like.

Exclusively for you : When you buy our custom-made bits, we make them for you and only with full rights for you. No one else will get these bits and rights to them except you.

So, custom-made beats give you the opportunity to fully express yourself and your creativity.

Grow without a label: By creating in your own style and building your own brand or its image, you don't have to wait for a label to receive you and help you focus on the right track. In the age of the Internet, enormous opportunities for personal development have arisen.

You can easily create your identity without a major label, if you have great lyrics and outstanding rhythm, the song you created will give you a big name.

License and Rights : When you buy custom bits online, you get full rights to use the bit.

The beats that the label gives or the leases make you have to share the profit with third parties. When buying full rights or custom bits, you can rest assured of your rights. 


Both rap beats, Hip-Hop and other compositions purchased via the Internet in the form of leasing are a cheaper investment, but they do not give you the appropriate rights if you are a serious artist.

However, the custom bits are 100% exclusive to you. You will have full distribution rights and will not be dependent on a label.

Source URL:https://lazyridabeats.com/custom-crafted-beats/


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