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Windows by Microsoft is the most widely used operating system around the globe. It is loved by most people due to its ease of use, multitasking, fast processing of several requests by the users, and a good amount of throughput. However, at times some issues where people can't click on desktop icons came forward, in such scenarios clicking on anything by mouse doesn’t respond. These types of problems can be due to numerous reasons, some of them are listed below along with their possible solutions.

1. Tablet Mode to be Switched Off

At times, when the tablet mode is switched on, then we can't click anything on the Windows 10 desktop. Therefore, turning it off can solve our problem. Go through the following steps to do so:

  • Press the Windows key + A on the keyboard.
  • A sidebar will appear.
  • Choose the option of Tablet Mode.
  • Click on the option to turn it off.

2. Appropriate Mouse Settings

When we try to right-click on desktop icons, they do not respond to mouse clicks. If yes, you may have to reset or change your mouse settings. You can do this by typing “mouse settings” in the search bar of your window. This will take you to the Mouse Settings field, where you need to set the appropriate settings for right and left clicks. You should also verify that the settings for the attached external mouse are correct and also check whether it is turned on or off.

3. Restarting Windows File Explorer

If you can't click anything on the Windows 10 desktop then you may need to restart File Explorer. First, you need to go to the Task Manager, then, tap on the Processes section in the Task Manager, click the option of windows explorer, and hit the restart button.

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