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Moving your car from one state to another in India can be tough, right? But there's a cool and budget-friendly option that's getting popular – sending your car by train. In this article, we will discuss why car shifting by train in India is a smart choice.

Advantages Of Car Shifting Through Train

Let's talk about why this is a great choice for moving your car between states:

1. Easy Booking: It's super easy to book your car's train journey. Just head to a railway station with a parcel office, and you're good to go. No headaches or complications.

2. Wide Reach: Indian Railways covers almost everywhere in India. So, no matter where you're starting from or where you're going, you can use this service. It's convenient and saves time.

3. Eco-Friendly: If you care about the environment, sending your car by train is a green option. Trains use less fuel per cargo, which means fewer emissions compared to driving long distances.

4. Less Wear and Tear: Long road trips can be rough on your car. But with train transport, your car stays put, reducing wear and tear on tires, engine, and overall condition. It's a smoother and stress-free move for your vehicle.

5. On-Time Arrival: Trains in India run on a tight schedule. So, you can count on your car arriving at the destination on time.


Sending your car by train in India has lots of perks as compared to other car or bike shifting services. It's cost-effective, safe, timely, reduces wear and tear, eco-friendly, connects all over the country, and booking is a breeze. So, if next time you're planning an interstate move or shifting of your vehicle, think about the ease and peace of mind that train transport can bring.


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