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In commercial real estate, first impressions matter. When potential buyers view a property listing for the first time, you want them to recognize the value and potential of the location immediately. An eye-catching, professional point-of-interest map can make all the difference in capturing buyers' interest right off the bat.

But creating an aerial map from scratch is no easy feat. Between tracking down high-res aerial imagery, manually populating logos of surrounding businesses, and formatting the map, it's a tedious process prone to error. That's why more and more CRE professionals are turning to specialized real estate map maker to automate map creation.

Commercial Real estate map

The Drawbacks of DIY Real Estate Maps

For years, real estate agents took a DIY approach to creating retail and amenities maps. But paste-and-stitch methods using screenshot maps and local business logos have severe limitations:

  1. Time-Consuming Process

From sourcing an aerial image to populating and formatting the map, creating a custom real estate map typically takes 2+ hours per listing. For agents with high volumes of listings each month, that adds up to days of valuable time lost.

  1. Logo Licensing Issues

When agents pull logos straight from Google to populate their maps, they risk copyright issues. Proper licensing is required to use brand logos in marketing materials legally.

  1. Outdated Information

DIY real estate maps often showcase outdated aerial imagery and business information. If a new location has opened nearby, an agent's static custom map won't reflect that.

  1. Poor Visual Quality

Between pixelated screenshot images and misaligned logos, homemade real estate maps rarely look professional enough for an offering memorandum.

Why Commercial Real Estate Mapping Software is the Better Choice

Specialized real estate mapping tools solve the headaches of DIY retail maps by automating the creation process. With an address search, they populate surrounding points of interest so agents can download high-quality, custom maps in minutes. Here's why it's worth utilizing real estate mapping software:

  1. Save Hours of Time

Creating a detailed aerial map from scratch takes 5x longer than using a dedicated mapping platform like REBLIE. With an automated tool, agents can search a property and populate relevant map details in just 3 minutes. That allows more time for nurturing leads and deals.

  1. Access Licensed Logos & Visuals

Reputable mapping software like REBLIE partners directly with retailers and businesses to properly license logos for use in real estate marketing materials. So agents don't have to worry about legal issues from pulling logos themselves.

  1. Dynamic Data Updates

Specialized software leverages dynamic data to showcase maps' most up-to-date business information. As new tenants open in the area, the map will automatically reflect those changes.

  1. High-Quality Output

Real estate mapping platforms optimize visual design with GIS capabilities. The resulting map offers crisp details and precise auto-placement of logos for an ultra-professional look suited for an offering memorandum.

  1. Customization Options

While the software populates relevant surrounding amenities, agents can still customize the map by:

  • Highlighting the exact contours of the property
  • Adding custom labels, notes, and details
  • Increasing or decreasing logo sizes
  • Moving logos to highlight points of interest

This allows the level of personalization needed to tell the property's unique story.

Commercial Real Estate Map Tools for Every Budget

When evaluating real estate mapping software, consider options at varying price points:

  1. Free Software

Many providers offer free basic mapping capabilities with limited customization options. Free versions allow agents to create a basic retail map showcasing nearby points of interest. But upgrading to a paid plan unlocks more robust features.

  1. DIY Software Subscriptions

Full-featured real estate mapping tools like REBLIE provide user-friendly map creation through a paid subscription model. For a monthly or annual fee, agents gain unlimited access to create custom real estate maps at scale. Pricing tiers based on usage volumes fit budgets of all sizes.

  1. Custom Mapping Services

Some real estate professionals hire dedicated designers to produce one-off custom maps for large, high-value listings. This bespoke approach guarantees a meticulously designed map tailored to the property but at a premium price point. Expect to invest $200+ per custom map.

Ready to Unlock the Power of Commercial Real Estate Mapping Software?

Creating DIY real estate maps from scratch is an antiquated and inefficient approach. Leveraging automated mapping software is the new best practice for commercial real estate marketing.

With dynamic aerial maps that showcase hyperlocal business details, agents can showcase neighborhood potential to buyers at a glance. Discover how user-friendly tools like REBLIE can transform your listing materials and optimize your time. Sign up today to start creating high-quality retail maps with speed and ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does real estate mapping software typically cost?

A: Real estate mapping software pricing varies depending on the provider and features. Many offer basic free versions with limited usage. Paid subscriptions range from $10-50/month for individual agents up to enterprise plans for large brokerages. Custom mapping services charge $200+ per map.

Q: What features should I look for in real estate mapping software?

A: Key features to consider include logo library access, dynamic data updates, customization options, high-resolution output, integration with listing platforms, support for multiple property types, and team collaboration tools.

Q: Can I create maps for listings outside of my local area?

A: Most reputable real estate mapping tools allow you to search global properties and points of interest. However, data coverage and accuracy may vary depending on the location. Heavily populated urban areas tend to have the most up-to-date information.

Q: How long does it take to create a map using software vs DIY?

A: Creating a detailed custom DIY map typically takes 2+ hours per listing. Mapping software automates much of the process, allowing you to populate relevant details in just 3-5 minutes per listing on average. This saves agents significant time.

Q: Can I import my existing listings to pre-fill maps?

A: Yes, many software integrations allow you to import your listings database to automatically pre-fill property details on new maps. This saves even more time by eliminating manual data entry.

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