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The online competition is humongous. Even a single mistake in terms of platform speed, performance, accessibility, etc. is not affordable. All of these are framework specific, which is why eCommerce web development has to be done under a lot of deliberation. The constant quest to choose between the frameworks is indeed tiresome. 

If you are new to web development, you would have heard the veterans suggesting using Laravel for eCommerce app development. But, just like others, we all need solid reasons to believe that Laravel is the best for eCommerce web development. So here we are, presenting you with promising reasons & results that you will achieve by choosing Laravel for eCommerce. 

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that facilitates tools and features to develop, run and manage eCommerce platforms proficiently. You would be stunned to know that there are nearly 459,818 (as we write) live websites built using Laravel.

Laravel’s learning curve is easy as it follows the model view of controlling principles. The scalability of the Laravel-built web app is class-apart with a clean code structuring & optimized performance.

Laravel is known for offering premium security systems at both, customer’s and admins' ends. This is just the beginning of the answer, Why choose Laravel, here is more to the store. 

Ultimate reasons to choose Laravel for eCommerce web app development.

  • Pre-installed libraries and Pre-made packages:

As mentioned above, in order to survive in this thriving competition, you need to act fast, offer faster, and resolve faster. The only framework that solves all three problems is Laravel.

Laravel has nearly 35+ pre-installed packages & libraries that can be utilized for speedy development. The packages profuse high scalability, omnichannel support, and self-determining operations. 

These well-known Laravel packages function to manage security and assist in changing workflow as per requirements. 

The easy-to-use packages also don’t cost a hefty amount and are easily affordable for eCommerce web development. However, you should check the same with the Laravel development company while discussing the project.

  • Budget-friendly web app development:

We have already mentioned that the frameworks do not cost much. This means, if you are running low on budget, you can easily use the pre-built packages and tools. 

The tools offer customization too and are known for zero downtime. This way, you can easily put a limit on your web development expenditures. 

  • Top-class security features:

For any eCommerce website, security is of utmost importance. Any breach can lead to the failure of the entire app and the reputation instantly goes down. This biggest challenge can easily be overcome by Laravel’s top-notch security features.

Laravel’s security features ensure that the payment gateways’ information and other sensitive data are highly preserved. Laravel blocks cyber-attacks and ensures no harm is caused to sensitive data.

Laravel also provides authentication & authorization features. Developers can create an encrypted form of passwords using Bcrypt hashing algorithms.

  • Helps you plan the workflow with ease:

Project development is a mammoth task itself. There are multiple spaces that would require amendments to ensure the smoothness and security of the app.

Laravel supports this system. Laravel helps in sustaining & configuring tasks in the project. Also, this saves a lot of time and effort for the entire team. 

  • Ready-made  SEO-friendly CMS:

In today’s time, no eCommerce websites work without marketing. An important part of marketing is blog and content posting. Laravel provides hassle-free CMS for adding blogs and items to the list at ease.

One can use built-in plugins and themes to customize the eCommerce store as expected. 

The SEO-friendliness also ensures the web store archives better rankings by generating SEO-friendly URLs. These URLs are easily accessible and get crawled by search engines.

  • Ease of configuration and sustainable task scheduling:

With myriads of tasks an eCommerce site has to perform, there are chances that you may miss out on incorporating changes. Laravel reminds you of the task of making changes in the web project. 

You can enable email functioning to receive task-scheduling emails and save a lot of time & effort. 

  • Effortless data migration using Laravel Schema Builder:

Well, if you already have an eCommerce site and are convinced to make the shift, do not worry. You can hire a Laravel developer or ask the web development company to use Laravel Schema Builder and transfer the entire eCommerce site to Laravel.

Additionally, you can also use horizontal scalability and add more features to the store.

  • Immense community support:

You never walk alone in web development holds true for Laravel as a framework. There are a huge number of developers already working in this community. They provide extensive support if you feel stuck at a point.

The community is known for its excellent documentation & tutorials which can be referred to at any point.

  • Facilitates smooth testing & maintenance:

Laravel is a subset of PHP. You can easily use PHPUnit to run testing and debugging. This helps in saving a lot of time and cost.

Also, the MVC structure ensures that the logic and display remain separate which further makes the maintenance easy.

  • Flexible Development Cycle:

Flexibility and comfort are the two things developers demand during web development. And guess what, Laravel provides it all. Laravel developers have complete freedom in developing a web app of their choice. They are free to make multiple amendments to ensure a class-apart user experience. All thanks to various development cycles namely,

  • MVC architecture;
  • Object-oriented programming;
  • Command-line Artisan tools;
  • Library manager composer;
  • Easy learning curve & documentation;
  • Eloquent CRM for object-related mapping;
  • Pre-installed libraries and packages;
  • Another common problem that an eCommerce website faces is the incapability of handling the influx of traffic. However, Laravel ensures that the hosting power is not lost. How? Well, the one-of-a-kind queuing feature takes care of and balances the traffic load. It doesn’t let the website observe a downside, no matter how huge the traffic load is. 


Laravel has come a long way from being just a framework to now being the only framework for PHP web app development. Now that you know all things you can achieve using Laravel, it's your time to start embracing the benefits. We wish you all the best with your project, go and start building futuristic eCommerce websites! 

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