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Why Choose The Beautybox Studio For Your Graduation Photoshoot?

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Be assured of professional high-quality graduation photography, without the exorbitant cost! 

Among the major milestones that help us remember our major points along our life journey, few can match the euphoria and festivity that surrounds our graduation from university or college. Especially since so many loved ones are involved in these celebrations, it is crucial that professional graduation photography services be chosen. It goes without saying that no amateurish packages will do!But then comes the next important question – which photography service provider should you choose for the graduation celebrations of your loved ones? Several major points must be considered to select the most suitable package from the wide variety of graduation photography services in Singapore. Chief of these considerations are cost, availability of professional service staff, and the selection and arrangement of professional graduation photo shoot locations to achieve the best results.

But you need not fret about such perplexing decisions when you choose The Beautybox Studio. This is because we will assure you that we will help to immortalise this ‘summit’ moment for the graduate and his or her family. Their photographs will be sure to be remembered for years and generations to come! Since it was established in 1998, The Beautybox Studio has made its mark as a creative and bespoke photography studio providing customised studio and outdoor photography services at highly competitive prices. Our team of dedicated photographers is dedicated to providing the best in portrait photography and image styling. We strive to remain as one of Singapore’s leading makeover studios that gives memorable sense, sight, and service experiences, all under one roof! The service costs from The Beautybox Studio are competitive and value for money!  Rest assured that the professional graduation photoshoot will be priced appropriately and there will be packages to suit every budget! But lower prices mean you will be short-changed. Check out the repertoire of high-end services included in every package from Thea Beautybox Studio, such as professional photographers and an in-house team of makeup artists. The latter is especially noteworthy as that means you can be assured that the graduate and his or her family and loved ones will be sure to always look their best, without you having to fork out more money to hire an additional makeup artist or beautician. Every graduation photograph will show the happiness and joy that matches the elation felt by the overjoyed graduate and family!The hallmark high-quality professionalism of The Beautybox Studio has been well-earned, the result of 20 years’ experience and sparing no expense to purchase the latest camera and lens technology. This makes each studio of The Beautybox Studio unique among photo studios in Singapore. I fondly remember the pride that my parents and sister felt at my university graduation ceremony years ago. But their joy at seeing me in my resplendent gown and clutching the degree scroll was only fleeting compared to the joy they felt at the eagerly anticipated post-graduation photograph session. No effort was spared to meet each person’s needs, and the result was several graduation photographs that still occupy pride of place in our homes today!

In that same way, The Beautybox Studio team understands the subtle and exquisite art behind capturing images digitally or on film. This skill is not solely based on the click of a camera and a smile. Instead, that rapport is based on the synergy between the client and the photographer.So, there must be chemistry between the photographer and his subject to get the perfect photograph. And The Beautybox Studio prizes quality over quantity, and less is more. That means that every photograph that comes from The Beautybox Studio  is bespoke, tasteful, and impressive, reflecting the subject’s personality and energy.

When you engage The Beautybox Studio for your graduation photography, your satisfaction is guaranteed! Each photograph will be a fitting memorial of the years of sweat and tears that finally led to the prize of the long-awaited degree or diploma. 

Every need will be considered and fulfilled wherever possible. Such care and concern lead to happy and joyful subjects, and photographs that will be remembered by current and future generations.

So do not hesitate! Choose The Beautybox Studio and take your pick from among their professional graduation photography packages! 

Get the special Graduation Photography promotional package at just $188! The package is for single, couple and family photographs. The first 50 customers will receive a free corporate single headshot photograph for one graduate!Do not hesitate and visit https://bit.ly/3uENTuC for more information.

So, pick The Beautybox Studio’s professional graduation photography services if your loved one is celebrating his or her university graduation! Rest assured that they will give you an experience that you will never forget! Call 6835-3012 or visit www.thebeautyboxstudio.com and you will not be disappointed.


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