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Why Choosing Montessori in Bangalore for Toddlers is a Good Option?

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The Montessori technique is so successful because it was created with knowledge of the delicate phases every child experiences as part of their normal development. Children can develop particular skills and learn certain things with greater ease and facility throughout sensitive periods, which are crucial developmental times.  Read the complete article to know more about Montessori in Bangalore & its benefits.

A Montessori curriculum is created to support four critical developmental phases that are important to the toddler years.

Walking, improved coordination and control of motions, as well as dexterity and fine motor skills

Exceptional attention to detail; ability to hold little objects

Language: Explosion of vocabulary, learning of grammar, development of increasingly complicated sentences

Order is consistency, routine, identifying cause-and-effect relationships, and understanding how things are connected.

The toddler years are characterized not only by these delicate times but also by independence. Toddlers enjoy trying new things, exploring, and imitating what they observe going on around them. While toddlers might become quite frustrated when they can't accomplish things on their own, infants may become frustrated when they can't get what they want. Additionally, “no” starts to take on a significant role in many children's vocabularies around this age. Though at times difficult for toddlers and their caretakers, independence is a necessary stage in the development of self-assurance, self-direction, and the identification of one's own unique preferences and hobbies.

Montessori Curriculum for Toddlers

We created a curriculum that gives our toddler learners plenty of chances to practice their independence while still being sensitive to the sensitive phases they are going through. Here are some of its core features.

Furniture and Materials Designed for Independent Use

Even when they want to do things on their own, toddlers frequently find themselves unable to do so in a world dominated by adults. The toys are out of reach, the chairs are too big to climb into, and the jackets are placed too high.

Even for young children, Montessori classrooms make everything accessible. They can sit in a chair, work at a table, or reach objects without needing assistance because the furniture is the ideal height and size for them.

They are also taken into consideration when creating teaching tools. They are simple to manipulate, complex enough to be educational without being overly demanding, self-correcting, and manageable (the child will know if they have succeeded at their task without having to wait for a teacher to tell them). This greatly expands the accessibility of experiential learning and play.

Montessori in Bangalore provides Uninterrupted Learning 

For toddlers, a strict lesson plan or too regimented activities might be very challenging. They have swept away to the next activity just as they become absorbed in the one they were previously engaged in.

We provide our kids lots of undisturbed time for autonomous learning rather than forcing them to participate in a never-ending stream of adult-directed activities. We try to let the toddlers in our classroom alone when they are engaged and concentrating on a task. They can then completely develop the abilities they're working on while engaging in an activity of their choosing.

This is another means of inspiring our students to continue learning throughout their lives. When learning is an expression of interest rather than a duty, it is far more enjoyable.

Sensorial Activities at Montessori in Bangalore

Toddlers are the age when kids start to truly develop their noticing skills since they are so interested in the world around them. They'll start honing all of their senses and start focusing on minute details. They'll become more adept at differentiating between colors, tones, and noises, as well as flavors and textures.

We have various activities that promote sensory development, such as music, art, and food tasting. These are the building blocks for developing visual acuity, a wonderful ear for music, and a good palate.




Language Development

One of the most astounding abilities that toddlers soon pick up is language. The growth of vocabulary and verbal skills is explosive. In a couple of months, they progress from single words to simple sentences and from sounding out a few one-syllable words to becoming miniature dictionaries.

The timing is right to promote the development of language abilities. The majority of our pupils learn to read by the time they are four years old, and it establishes the groundwork for their development as persuasive communicators. We work with our students every day using our unique, tested phonetic sound cards to introduce them to the language's principles in addition to providing them with a language-rich environment.


With the Montessori approach, there is never a bad time to begin learning. The Cherubs Montessori education for toddlers is a wonderful method to prepare them for everything that will happen when they enter preschool and kindergarten.

Additionally, it's a terrific method to establish in them a lifelong love of learning and to provide them some of the fundamental skills they'll require throughout their lives, including reading, communication, self-assurance, and self-direction. Visit the best Montessori in Bangalore to know more in detail. 






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