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With the need for quality products rising, it is paramount that any machinery you purchase adds quality and offers something that you feel makes it more superior. The grass pellet mill is one of such machines.

The first advantage is the design. In addition to the sleek and beautiful nature of the machine, the layout of the machine was made to be rational making it more mobile. The design was also carefully thought out to ensure that there is enough security for the person working with the machine.
Not only that, but the security features also took into consideration the process that the machine is built for. The security features include the fact that the machine is waterproof, ensuring the electricals in it are safe and the worker does not get electrocuted.
The machine can also be characterized as having strong adaptability traits with a centralized control part in the machine. The cattle feed pellet machine also assures you of stable production with some parts of the machine having been designed especially to make the whole production line more efficient.
To top it all off, the machine is designed in such a way that it can fit in a mobile van. You will also not have to worry about dust as the machine also comes with a dust remover. And imagine you get all these in one machine at a very competitive price, it is very modern and it also comes cheap.
How does the mobile pellet mill work for making hay pellets?
First, you will need to have the raw material, which is hay. You then put them in the hammer mill crusher . The machine is specially designed with an electrical control warning system which will instruct the worker when to stop feeding grass in the crusher. The raw material is received, crushed and the conveyor belt them takes the crushed hay to the mixer which only takes 30 minutes to complete the mixing process. The mixed contents then travel to the pellet silo which has a large capacity of 4 CBM. Finally with the pellet mill press into pellets.

Zeno pellet machine is back with another product that will make it easier and more convenient for you to making hay pellets for your farm animals like cattle and sheep anywhere without having to necessarily set up a factory. This developing original equipment manufacturer from China have developed a unique and very efficient mobile pellet mill for all your small scale feed production (0.8-1T/H) needs.




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