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Numerous applications of the Christmas tree clip or push pin may be found on the majority of Ford, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and GM models. Applications that are frequently used include bumper shields and radiator yokes. Durable and dependable plastic Christmas tree clips are available for the interior and exterior trim and soft components of your car. In addition, white, black, and natural nylon are used to make our collection of Christmas tree clips. This component is ideal for applications involving both soft materials, such as textiles, and stiffer materials.

In addition to its many other uses, this Christmas tree clip can be utilized in blind-hole applications. Push-in fasteners known as “Christmas Tree Clips” or “X-Mas Tree Clips” hold two panels together without the need for additional fasteners. Additionally, when pressed into the application, their barbed teeth or fins secure the edges of the hole.

The wide range of panel thicknesses that the Christmas tree clips are appropriate for is impressive. It can also be adjusted for holes with smaller diameters and attached by itself, which will cut down on the number of hours needed. When forced into the hole, the ribs flex before springing back to lock securely. X-Mas Tree Clips can withstand vibrations and rust. They can be utilized in a variety of blind hole applications and fit a variety of hole diameters & panel thicknesses.

Christmas tree clips are resistant to vibration, abrasion, and corrosion. They can be utilized in blind hole applications and fit a variety of hole diameters and panel thicknesses. There are numerous ways to fasten the polyethylene liner to the inner wall, including Christmas tree clips. Simply drill a smaller hole in the wall, insert the non-removable fastener into the wall through the liner, and tighten it. To make using the supplies on the job simpler, they are supplied in a resealable bag. Christmas tree clips are another name for X-Mas tree clips. These push-in connectors, called clips, keep two panels together without the use of additional fasteners. When pushed into the application, they have fins or barbed teeth that lock into the hole's edges. On all products, we provide low minimums, in-stock options, and timely delivery. We stand behind each item we carry & ship, thus our products are guaranteed.

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