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The Cushion Cut diamond is shaped like a cushion or pillow and is square with rounded sides. With its modern, brilliant cut faceting, this form of diamond has a very long history. Diamonds with the cushion cut are a great classic choice that will always be in fashion.

Rings with the normal cut and rings with modified cushion cut

Diamonds with a cushion cut are commonly utilized because of their many different cut pattern options. A classic cushion cut engagement rings perth successfully hides imperfections and exudes the cozy, worn-in appearance of a pillow cut diamond.  A modified Cushion Cut diamond ring first appeared on the market in the 1920s. The traditional Cushion Cut was employed, but an extra row of facets was placed below the girdle, the gem's widest point.

How should a cushion-cut diamond be chosen for an engagement or wedding ring?


Just keep in mind that it's not an exact science to determine the cut quality. The most important factor is if you appreciate the stone's look and practicality.


If a Cushion Cut diamond has visible defects, it may not look well. However, the startling brilliance of the Cushion Cut effectively masks these. Stick to the clarity classifications if price is an issue. It will appear better with a clarity rating if you can stretch it.


Which shape, square or rectangle, do you prefer? Square forms should have an L/W ratio of between 1.00 and 1.05. For rectangular cushion cuts, L/W ratios should be increased to 1.15 to 1.20. Keep the depth and table percentage under 70% for the best results.

Diamond Size

Using weight or millimeter measurements, it is notoriously difficult to determine the size of cushion cut engagement rings Perth. Make a time to meet with a diamond expert to discuss your carat needs.


The cushion form of this diamond cut is very popular. There is no ignoring the fact that the tastefully curled edges entice many eager wedding and engagement ring consumers.

Did you know that the third most popular diamond shape and style is the cushion cut?


A Cushion Cut diamond placed in a white gold engagement ring should have a color grade of H or better. After all, Cushion Cuts display more color than Round Brilliants.



Cushion Cuts are approximately 25% less expensive per carat than Round Cuts. The less expensive options are, of course, Asscher and Emerald diamond cuts.


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