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What Is DAO?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO is a transparent and autonomous entity run by the community without any central authority. This means that a DAO is run by all members of a project equally and all important decisions are made by them collectively.

A DAO can be created by multiple crypto wallets controlled by organizations or individuals. All moments are done through a code that allows for asset and vote management without having to go through traditional banking and legal formalities.

DAO Blockchain Development Company

Blockchain has brought us a unique and secure sharing system with some rich features. The development of the DAO blockchain is a cost-effective method of solving the challenges faced by traditional centralized businesses. Learn more about how to protect your business interests with DAO blockchain development with Osiz.

Features OF DAO

  • Autonomous
  • Organized
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Based On Smart Contract 
  • Open Source Code
  • Financing Phase and Token 
  • Transparency 
  • Decentralized

DAO Development Services 

Node Development 

A node is a blockchain-based program that performs network-specific tasks. The ability to write custom smart contracts and run them on the same blockchain as a coin makes this project very interesting.

D app Development 

dApp is the future of how products are sold. Using our expertise in this field, we built a dApp for DAO members to earn money and access transactions, likewise they can participate in many activities.

Smart Contract Development 

The development and implementation of smart contract DAOs greatly reduce the costs associated with the entire process for the purpose of making workflows and business processes more transparent, transparent, and efficient.

NFT Marketplace with DAO

  • DAO NFT platform On Cardano
  • DAO NFT Platform On Binance 
  • DAO NFT Platform on Ethereum
  • DAO  NFT Platform on Polygon 

Stages OF DAO Development 

DAO Inception 

The first step is to create the initial framework, design rules, and legal structure for the organization, including things like the terms of dispute, the rules of the governance mechanism, and the rules of the segregation mechanism.


The process of selling tokens to investors. Assets for sale during this period are considered equity tokens. In return, investors receive tokens and server bonuses proportional to their investment amount.


The growth phase is when your DAO has grown and you have more money to yourself. The goal is to focus on building the functionality, processes, and partnerships necessary for long-term sustainability. This is also an important time for members to start bringing their own ideas into the process.


The transition phase is where we really start to see the benefits of DAOs. As more and more organizations adopt this model, their reputation and brand increase in value. DAOs allow organizations to repackage those benefits into solutions that address a customer's problem or need.

Why Prefer Osiz For DAO Development?

Osiz is a Leading DAO  Blockchain Development Company. We have experience in the design and development of DAO platforms as well as in the creation of DAO products and the provision of DAO solutions. We are a pioneer in the blockchain industry and can offer a full range of services from DApp development to smart contract coding. With DAO development services, you get the designs that fit your business needs and blockchain strategies, quality code that's readable, secure, and easy to implement All our developers are blockchain geeks who do more than just code; they are experts with interdisciplinary skills.

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