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Many mission applications are performed on the defense and military end-user devices. Rugged mobile workstations with the Swap-C optimization are critical in the potential ongoing budget concerns. A device must have the ability to perform as many mission-critical applications as possible. A few examples of these applications are C5ISR, sto

rage & analysis, real-time situational awareness, video/telemetry, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), etc.

In the most unfavorable environments when missions are performed, the attributes of EUD must have a unique combination. The devices used by the end users must be able to withstand harsh climates and downrange conditions without losing power, connectivity, and performance. These devices should be scalable while maintaining security. For this purpose, the defense/military uses ruggedized tablets and rugged laptops as mobile solutions in Saudi Arabia and the neighboring regions.

Mobile Workstation

A mobile workstation is a type of notebook computer that is beyond the normal design parameters and capabilities of traditional notebooks. The computing power of this device is higher than that of regular laptops. To summarize, a mobile workstation has good storage capacity, a larger screen, increased onboard memory, more scalable options, etc.

The Need for Fully Rugged Tablets and Laptops in the Military

When the military uses any laptop or tablet, it must meet the general MIL-spec/defense requirements. The common expectations from any rugged device are the ability to withstand extreme temperature swings, good connectivity options, fine sand, vibration, security, and direct sunlight viewability. The rugged devices not only meet these requirements but also exceeds them. Apart from these specifications, these devices are also portable to be carried in the ruck and mountable for use in a tactical vehicle. It is also expected these devices be lightweight as well as tough enough to withstand shortfalls.


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